Let it be written in the world’s history books that throughout the time that President Donald J. Trump served the American people and humanity, throughout his first term in office, he never stopped dismantling the deep state criminal cabal. All Trump supporters’ strong belief is that he will continue on another legendary and monumental four years.

We are about to witness the good riddance to greedy corporate America, and globalism run amuck and salute to our new republic in the new year of 2021 as President Trump invites us all to Washington D.C. on Jan 6, 2021, for what is said to be the victory celebration of new beginnings.

This past year has been a revelation about truths and trepidations. We’ve witnessed a canvas of dark shadows brazenly emerge into a chaotic and murky montage, coming to life with nefarious and sinister agendas against the people of this nation.

In the year 2020, we witnessed our great President call for peace in the Middle East, ending the long Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and bring American sons and daughters back home to their families. Starting in the new year of 2021, and to all the veterans who served our country along with Gold Star Families who lost family heroes abroad, the men and women of valor will never be forgotten. They will be among the greatest living memories of American history.

We’ve witnessed the “Architects of Demise” crawl out of their catacombs of trickery, as they tried to steal the heart and soul of America, negotiating with the highest foreign bidders, believing they won the silent war; one that was crafted many decades ago by flawed generational predecessors only to find they are now entrapped by the Trump administrations greatest sting operation in the history of humanity, soon to show itself on the world stage.

Such an exhilarating time to be alive, driven by the protection and knowledge of great spirited ancestors before us who survived 1776, and in the true words spoken by the now-famous Atlanta Georgia Attorney at Law, L. Lin Wood, we will “fight like a Flynn.”

The past year reflects devious organizations like the United Nations and its threats of sending paramilitary troops into American communities for disarmament and reintegration of US citizens. We could only imagine who in New York city’s political climate would betray their citizens to such attacks?

The politically elite leadership of New York muzzled their citizens under the guise of Covid while enforcing unconstitutional laws. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo have been releasing criminals from prisons, rewarding them with gift cards, hotel rooms, cell phones, and a license to create strife among innocent New Yorkers. They are morally corrupt and responsible for the deaths of thousands of elderly in nursing care facilities.

We have seen another governor go rogue; in Virginia, Governor Ralph Northam is on a quest to challenge the Constitutional law and 2nd Amendment rights of “We the People.”

The dereliction of duties and abandonment of responsibilities from both sides of the political aisle is appalling.

What a chuckle we mustered as we heard the wounding cries of scuttlebutt unfolding as the delicate millennials roost was roused, panicking over the possibility of a military draft, all brainstormed by the fake news media’s propaganda⏤when in fact, President Trump made the impossible happen and ended all wars; and promoted peace in the middle east and set up new systems and alliances in bringing American troops home.

We watched as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi spit in the faces of tax-paying Americans while she destroyed documents belonging to “We the People” from her high pulpit. We now realize she was a cheerleader for foreign forces.

We witnessed the emerging Coronavirus set the stage for false narratives to cripple the national and global economy and the mindsets of humanity’s people. We simultaneously felt the force of the countering movement of miracles.

The once hidden coup to ambush God-fearing people has been awakened. Patriots must bring courage and faith to this worldwide fight of good vs. evil.

We witnessed the antics by the CDC, Big Pharma, the Who, and others trying to infect America and the world with their scheming lies and push for deadly vaccines, the submission of their masked agenda of tyrannical proportions.

We witnessed the 244th Birthday of America as she was bitch slapped in defiance by Antifa and BLM, with acts of insurrection with the full support of rogue Democrat and RINO governors, mayors, city council, attorneys, and other Anti-American factions within the corporate world on a national and global level.

We remind and warn those who work against “We the People” they need to heed their step because the American people are mighty and many. Although we play by the rules, we are as mortally good as they are bad and will execute our Constitutional duties to protect our legacy.

Yes, 2020 was one big Karmic wrecking ball in the name of Donald J. Trump. It was indeed the year of the “Great Awakening” for both sides, as evil crept in like a thief in the night and a jackal in disguise. President Trump called them out by name and awakened the sleeping giant from their Kool-aid ridden-comas.

We witnessed President Trump run for office against the invisible 47 years in political office, the shadowy gangster Joe Biden, reminding him that as President⏤Trump did more for the American people in 47 months than Biden did in 47 years.

We witnessed President Trump’s many executive orders to protect the American people. Still, one especially hit our nation’s hearts and minds were to protect our children and the American babies at birth and protect the rescued children who suffered through the most egregious acts of sex and human trafficking.

We witnessed the once chatty Kathy echoes of Hollywood and the Entertainment liberal stage come to a screeching halt silence, as it is alleged that a great number of them have been arrested due to their clown movement against the common man.

We’ve witnessed the appreciation and support of our nation’s heroes by President Trump, as he’s taken great care of our troops, given them pay raises, honored them, and rescued American hostages while enacting an executive order to search for and support our nation’s missing in action and prisoners of war.

We witnessed the China virus try to attack our meat and food supply, with recalls by the FDA, CDC, and USDA.

We watched in fury as Georgia Armed militias threatened citizens over so-called racial reparations, and watched in horror as chop shop USA, dismantled communities in Portland Oregon, and the pacific northwest area, and other agitators weaved their web of deception that was supported by the political shadows in the name of tyranny.

And if this was not enough, patriots were targeted at Trump rallies and conservative gatherings. Churches were told to shut down their congregations to no more than 50 people while porn shops stayed open.

Big Tech giants waged war against the American people and freedom of speech by censoring our President from communicating to the people.

We’ve watched the steal of American voices in the form of our historical election votes, discarded into the wind in exchange for the elite who pocketed dirty money from foreign entities.

We were also reminded of the great conjunction’s hopeful miracle, God’s heavenly symbol that gave man resurrection of promise and hope that new life was on the horizon and kept the faith because the new year will issue great healing and prosperity, abundance and peace.

We are reminded that this past Christmas was the revolving rebirth of our traditional sacred holiday, and the battle is not lost; it’s just begun; through the dismantling of old systems, the world’s humble people have built networks of truther movements and supported President Trump in his journey to healing the inequities of the evil society of oligarchs that once enslaved humanity.

As Americans, we are captivated by the promise and hope of the new year, the talk of Nesara / Gesara, and new technologies in health, science, and other healing arenas of life.

Signing off on 2020 and sipping to the cheers and kisses of loved ones held dear, we anticipate new wonders of the new year in 2021. Americans and the world will be celebrating early and praying for the 2nd inauguration of the people’s President, Donald J. Trump.

“Celebrate endings—for they precede new beginnings.” – Jonathan Lockwood Huie