How 2 Love Your Cop 1

The world of law enforcement is not only dangerous for those who wear the badge, it can take a heavy toll on marriages and relationships as well. The unsung heroes of law enforcement are the wives, husbands and families of those who serve. In this weeks episode of BLUE LIVES RADIO THE VOICE OF AMERICAN LAW ENFORCEMENT Randy has a special guest Victoria Newman. She is the wife of a California Highway Patrol Officer, the founder of HOW 2 LOVE YOUR COP and the author of “A Marriage In Progress”, A CHiP On My Shoulder” and “Selfish Prayer”. This is a must listen for every cop and their spouse.

Also in his “VIEW FROM THE BLUE” Show Host Randy Sutton takes on the cowardly politicians who paid out more than a million dollars to settle the Michael Brown lawsuit in Ferguson. Don’t Miss it.

A CHiP on my Shoulder