Will enough Americans (especially Democrats), be so savvy and smart as well as outraged at the despicable behaviour and unattainable promises of all the Democrat Candidates for the Presidency and their complete lack of achievements in this Congress⏤beyond their demented fixation on Impeachment, turn to the GOP, just as those in the UK, who always voted Labour and then turned Conservative?

We are appealing to Americans (especially Democrats) to abandon their party just as the UK Labourites abandoned theirs. If this happens in November 2020, it will be like a Tsunami⏤the shock of which will decimate the democratic party for years to come.

The Democrat Presidential Candidates, in lock step and with utter disrespect to the will of the majority of Americans, all agree to the following:


  1. Open borders for all
  2. Unlimited and un-vetted immigration (legal and illegal)
  3. Sanctuary cities for illegals (but no help for Veterans)
  4. Free Housing for Illegals while hundreds of thousands of Legal American citizens are homeless
  5. Free Medical Health, Education and Finance for Illegals from American tax payers who are struggling to keep their heads above-  water even with Trump’s booming economy
  6. Undermining to the point of removing the 2nd Amendment regarding arming “We the People”
  7. Removing ICE from all borders
  8. Driving licences for illegals so that they can vote Democrat
  9. Eradicating tuition fees worth almost one trillion dollars
  10. No discrimination between genders no matter how depraved any can be
  11. Free abortions for all females and the murder of the newly born ones if the mother does not want it
  12. Taxing the rich and major corporation to oblivion
  13. Unsustainable minimum wages starting with $15.00 per hour thus forcing businesses to go robotic depriving millions of young Americans from even the minimum wage
  14. Reducing defence spending and the military
  15. Overturning as many of Trumps’ very successful Executive Orders as they can
  16. Re admitting the USA to the UN Climate Change protocol
  17. Eliminating all fossil fuels and going Green costing over 52 Trillion $$$
  18. The list, of insane and impossible to attain promises, financial and others, continues unabated and unabashed
  19. Democrats are so far left they are now in the Infra-Red Spectrum; literally off the wall and into the abyss

While the Democrats are intending to do all of the above, President Trump continues to stack up achievements:

  1. The best Unemployment figures in 50 years for Blacks, Hispanics and others
  2. The least number of Americans on Food Stamps
  3. The best economy since Ronald Reagan
  4. The most powerful nation on Earth to defend itself and its allies
  5. The wall is being built even though slowly
  6. The most efficient border patrols for decades
  7. Major concessions economically from Asia, the Americas and others
  8. Not a single case of Americans being on the ground in a new theatre of war
  9. The most positive outlook for Americans regarding the future
  10. Trump has made the USA the most productive oil and gas exporter and hence the least dependent on any country trying to dictate US foreign and or internal policies

The question that I ask myself and all Americans, based entirely on the two diametrically opposite lists of achievements or lack thereof are:

Are there enough intelligent and rational Americans who can literally read the ‘Writing on the Wall’ if the Democrats take over?