The picture that the world receives from the followers of Muhammad paints him as a Valiant, Honourable, Just and Fearless Warrior.

What is the reality and what are the FACTS based only on the Islamic sources?

Ladies and gentlemen, believers and or unbelievers/ kuffar/ infidels/ non Muslims, be aware that the greatest threat to the exposure of the falsehood of Muhammad’s Quran are KNOWLEDGE of the Quran, Hadiths, the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament and related scriptures and history.

Although we have proven beyond a shadow or even a reasonable doubt the following:

  1. a) Islam does not mean Peace but SUBMISSION
  2. b) Allah is most definitely NOT the same as the God of the Bible
  3. c) Islam is NOT a religion but a CULT; the Cult of Muhammad
  4. d) Muhammad was NOT a prophet but a charlatan and the murderous leader of the first Organized Crime Syndicate in history
  5. e) Jihad is NOT a spiritual struggle but Eternal & Mortal war against Infidels/ Kuffar/ Non Muslims

We may REPEAT ourselves when introducing a new chapter to our series so as to enlighten new readers who may not have accessed the previous ones and hence miss these eye opening extremely important introductions.

As we have repeatedly shown – and will continue to do so  in our series of devastating articles – that without a doubt, it is by Divine Justice that the very Hadiths that explain the Quran to the followers of Muhammad, are the very ones that Completely and Utterly discredit Muhammad as a prophet and the alleged divine origin of his Quran.

Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 4.54 Narrated by Abu


The Prophet said, “By Him in Whose Hands my life is… I would certainly never remain behind any army-unit setting out in Allah’s cause.

By Him in Whose Hands my life is!  I would love to be martyred in Allah’s cause and then get resurrected, and then get martyred, and then get resurrected again, and then get martyred and then get resurrected again, and then get martyred”

The ‘brave’ Muhammad, in his own words, admits that he did not fight in most of the raids that he either initiated or conducted even though he preferred death in JIHAD than life.

as long as it was the Death and Jihad fought by his followers and not himself.

He sent his simpleton and gullible followers to their demise with promises of booty and rape if they survived and unlimited sensual and sexual pleasures in his perverted whorehouse version ofParadise if they got slaughtered.

With such promises, the Jihadis could not go wrong, whether dead or alive. Always a Win/Win situation.

Then, the ‘heroic’ Muhammad, who did not fight, boasts of how he would have preferred to die, in the way of Allah in Jihad, again, again and again.

He also encouraged his men to believe that they will be safe, even to the point of being reckless in battle:

Ibn Ishaq 444

[Auf bin Harith asked] “O Allah’s apostle, what makes Allah laugh with joy at his servant?”  Muhammad answered, “When he plunges into the midst of the enemy without mail.” 

Auf took his advice and did exactly that:

Auf drew off the mail-coat that was on him and threw it away: then he seized his sword and fought the enemy till he was slain.

Ibn Ishaq 561

The apostle wore TWO coats of mail on the day of Uhud, and he took up a sword and brandished it saying

“Who will take this sword with its right?” and he gave it to Abu Dujana Simak bin Kharasha, adding ” That you should smite the enemy with it until it bends”

The ‘brave’ Muhammad (who earlier wished he would die as a Shahid/ Martyr fighting in Jihad) did not get in the pitch of battle but retired to the top of the hill surrounded by his body guards. That is why he gave his own sword to someone else to fight with.

It is obvious that Muhammad was no Alexander the Great nor a Julius Caesar but a pure coward who had to wear TWO coats of mail even though he had no intention of exposing himself to danger but relying on others to die for him, his ideas and his fraudulent promises.

Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 4.27 Narrated by Al Bara bin Azib

The Prophet appointed ‘Abdullah bin Jubair as the commander of the archers who were fifty on the day (of the battle) of Uhud. He instructed them, “Stick to your place, …. you should not leave your place till I send for you.”

Then the infidels were defeated. By Allah, I saw the women fleeing lifting up their clothes revealing their leg-bangles and their legs. So, the companions of ‘Abdullah bin Jubair said, “The booty! O people, the booty! Your companions have become victorious, what are you waiting for now?”

Abdullah bin Jubair said, “Have you forgotten what Allah’s Apostle said to you?” They replied, “By Allah! We will go to the enemy and collect our share from the war booty.”

But when they went to them, they were forced to turn back defeated. At that time Allah’s Apostle in their rear was calling them back. Only twelve men remained with the Prophet and the infidels martyred seventy men from us.

Then Abu Sufyan (the leader of the unbelievers) asked thrice,

“Is Muhammad present amongst these dead people?”

The Prophet ordered his companions not to answer him. ….

Abu Sufyan … started reciting cheerfully, “O Hubal, be high!” On that the Prophet said (to his companions), “Why don’t you answer him back?”

They said, “O Allah’s Apostle! What shall we say?”

He said, “Say, Allah is Higher and more Sublime.”

(Then) Abu Sufyan said, “We have the (idol) Al Uzza, and you have no Uzza.”

The Prophet said (to his companions),

“Why don’t you answer him back?”

They asked, “O Allah’s Apostle! What shall we say?”

He said, “Say: Allah is our Helper and you have no helper.”

This Hadith in particular amply proves, that those who converted to Islam as followers of Muhammad did NOT do so for sublime Spiritual reasons, but, for Booty, Plunder, Rape and Enslavement of the wealth, hard work and the fruitful produce of other peoples.

Moreover, it shows what a spineless creature Muhammad was who would not answer his adversary Abu Sufyan lest he would kill him.

Sahih Muslim Hadith4413 Narrated by Anas ibn Malik

It has been reported on the authority of Anas ibn Malik that (when the enemy got the upper hand) on the day of the Battle of Uhud, the Messenger of Allah was left with only seven men from the Ansar and two men from the Quraysh.

When the enemy advanced towards him and overwhelmed him, he said:

“Whoever turns them away from us will attain Paradise or will be my companion in Paradise.”

A man from the Ansar came forward and fought (the enemy) until he was killed. The enemy advanced and overwhelmed him again and he repeated the words: “Whoever turns them away from us will attain Paradise or will be my companion in Paradise”

Another man from the Ansar came forward and fought until he was killed.

This state of affair continued until the seven Ansar were killed (one after the other).  Now the Messenger of Allah said to his two companions: “We have not done justice to our companions”

I would like our readers to remember what we assert again, that it is by DIVINE JUSTICE that the Hadiths invariably and repeatedly expose Muhammad’s TRUE low life characteristics for all to study.

The self-declared JIHADI Muhammad, pretended to be among the Muslim dead and would not answer Abu Sufyan’s plain and clear challenges. As usual with Muhammad, he expected others to expose themselves to death.

Any fair-minded and inquisitive person would ask the following questions:

  1. a) Why was not Muhammad at the forefront of the battle instead of being at the REAR?
  2. b) Why did he give his own sword to someone else to do the killing with?
  3. c) Why did he wear TWO coats of mail especially since he had no intention of fighting?
  4. d) Why did he not fight to defend his position but begged others to die for him?
  5. e) Why did he pretend to be dead if he believed he was the messenger of Allah and that Allah was on his side?
  6. f) Why, at the very end, did he NOT answer the challenges of the leader of the Quraiysh but implored others to do so?

Can any follower of Muhammad answer these simple questions?

Ibn Ishaq 572

….When the enemy hemmed Muhammad in, he said:

Who will sell his life for us?

five of the Ansar arose. They fought in defense of the apostle, man after man, all being killed….

Even though Ibn Hisham had edited Ibn Ishaq’s version of events by taking out items that were not complimentary to Muhammad, even so, the story as depicted, shows an extremely CRAVEN, UNPRICIPLED and gutless creature, who would send any number of his trusting and unsuspecting believing followers to certain death, without lifting a finger to defend himself.

Ibn Ishaq 573

Abu Dijana made his body a shield for the apostle. Arrows were falling on his back as he leaned over him, until there were many stuck in it.

Ibn Ishaq 574

The first man to recognize the apostle after the rout when men were saying “The apostle has been killed” was Ka’b b Malik, according to what al Zuhri told me.

Ka’b said I recognized his eyes gleaming from beneath his helmet, and I called on top of my voice “Take heart, you Muslims, this is the apostle of Allah” but the apostle signed to me to be silent.

Muhammad – who was pretending to be dead – signaled to him to be silent because he did not want his victorious enemies to know that he was still alive and may attack him again.

It was Muhammad who ordered the murder of Ka’b al Ashraf and Asma bint Marwan, both of them poets, the former 120 years old man and the latter a woman with a suckling child, who criticized Muhammad’s slaughter of the Quraiysh leaders at the ambush of al Badr.

It was Muhammad who always had others among his followers to do his dirty work just like the modern heads of Mafia Crime Syndicates.

Ladies and gentlemen, when the Hadiths are studied carefully, they single handily help obliterate and destroy all the myths of chivalry, bravery, compassion, intelligence, knowledge, veracity, miracles, etc, that were later concocted by the thousands on behalf of, and heaped upon the undeserving persona of Muhammad bin abd Allah.

Once again and based entirely and only upon the Islamic sources, we have utterly discredited another lie that the followers of Muhammad have perpetrated upon hundreds of millions of people for 1400 years.

For Further Insight:

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