For over 10 years I have joined about 120 different American talk show hosts discussing Religions in general, Islam and Muslims in particular, Arab-Israeli conflict, Islamic genocide against Christians, American politics, International politics and conflicts, etc. while not a single radio, TV or newspaper would give me one second in the whole of Western Europe because of their abysmal and self-destructive Political Correctness.

Although I am not an American citizen and reside in Europe, it is obvious that I tend to know more about America, Americans and world events in general than all of your news media combined.

Tuesday the 6th of November 2018 will be as historical an event as 9/11 because if the Democrats gain power your Republic will suffer a greater destruction than what Muslims did on that otherwise beautiful September day.

While the American people recovered from that deadly catastrophe, a win by Leftists and Democrats will result in the destruction of the Republic.

My statement is not a hyperbole for the simple fact that for the last 20 months the Trump Deranged Democrats, liberals and leftists have not offered a SINGLE item for the betterment of the American People except HATRED for Donald J Trump and his supporters and this alone should make every single decent, patriotic and logical American to vote for politicians who support President Trump.

Let me explain WHY and please correct me if I am wrong:

  1. The Muslim traitor in chief Barack Hussein Obama said before he left office that the GDP will remain lower than 3% for ever. As usual with BHO, he was WRONG since the GDP is OVER 4%.
  2. Obama also intimated that Trump would need a “Magic Wand” to bring back industries to the USA. Again BHO was WRONG.
  3. Every so called ‘Nobel economic expert’ predicted economic COLLAPSE if Trump is elected. All these morons were WRONG.
  4. Trump asked Black Americans “what have you got to lose voting for me?”. Only 8% took the chance. At the moment Black unemployment is the lowest in 50 years. The latest polls are expecting 40% will vote on the 6th.
  5. The same with the Hispanic community.
  6. Records are showing the lowest level of people on benefits meaning more than ever are working. Working people feel dignified while people on benefits feel humiliated. Another success because of Trump’s economic policies.
  7. There are MORE jobs than qualified people to take them.
  8. Hundreds of millions of American are in much better mood psychologically NOW than under eight despicable years of Obama the Pathological Liar who said at least 28 times “If you want to keep your doctor ….” Mantra knowing full well he was deceiving ALL Americans.
  9. DJ Trump is very correctly altering the total imbalance of previously negotiated economic deals for fairer and more equitable agreements
  10. DJ Trump wants Americans safe in secure borders while his opponents are MORE concerned with ILLEGALS than with either the safety of Americans or their rights.
  11. He wants to have all those who want to reside in the USA to be thoroughly vetted first while his opponents want to allow Illegals to VOTE for them.
  12. Can anyone explain how it is possible NOT to understand the meaning of Illegal? Unfortunately, the Democrats have absolutely no qualms allowing hundreds of thousands of UNDOCUMENTED people (so that they can VOTE for them) to reside in the USA who have to be housed, given benefits, educated, have their medical bills paid etc by the hardworking LEGAL residents of the USA costing them hundreds of Billions of dollars.
  13. No country on Earth (that I know of) would allow its borders INVADED by any number of ‘civilians’ from another nation without resorting to extreme measures. Can anyone imagine the Chinese allowing their territory being invaded by Indian civilians just because they are in need of a better life? Or the Russians allowing Polish people to do the same?
  14. No nation is SOVEREIGN without secure and defended borders. None.
  15. Would any of these hypocrite liberals and brain dead ‘do gooders’ willing to take in a single ‘refugee’ in their palatial homes and take care of them? Not one would volunteer BUT they have the audacity to tell the American people to be ‘compassionate’ while they would never be.

I can give you at least another 50 or 60 more reasons WHY DJ Trump is the best person to guide Americans away from the disastrous Globalist treasonous agenda of the Left.

DJ Trump invariably calls the News Media “Fake News”. He really is very polite because for at least ten years before he became president I called ALL the main news media in the USA and Europe “Enemies of the People” because they never tell the TRUTH.

These self serving duplicitous and cowardly elites have not yet figured out WHO DJ Trump really is.

DJ Trump is not a politician but the CEO of a huge conglomerate called USA Inc. and its shareholders are the American people.

The object of this article is to encourage every single American who can vote to do so irrespective of race, colour, religion, political affiliation or whatever even if they are on crutches or wheel chairs BUT before pulling the lever or putting the X to ask one’s self:

Am I better off under Trump that eight years of Obama?

If YES vote for Trump. If NO vote for others.

For the sake of future generations of Americans, I sincerely hope enough of them will vote to increase the power of President DJ Trump to do more for Americans and the peace of the world.

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