This week has been crazy.

It’s been crazy in a really good way.

I completed my second TEDx talk – wearing a fake nose and comedy glasses, I kid you not! I’ve also been doing lots of coaching this week, chunks of marketing and video editing, a bit of networking, attended a handful of meetings, been shortlisted for a national award and, right now, as I write this column, I’m on my way to run a retreat in the wilds of the English countryside.

I hate to admit it, but I’m running on adrenaline a little bit. It’s been one of those weeks where my to do list – my *want to do* list – has been longer than each day, which means I’ve been juggling and just remembering to breathe.

It also means I’m playing catch up – which is how I’ve come to be writing this in the passenger seat as my wife drives us an hour and a half to the retreat centre I use.

I was pondering how I might be able to use some of the lessons this week to support and inspire you lovely lot reading this.

Sure, I could talk about determination, keeping your eye on the prize and manifesting your dreams… but I kinda feel like I write about those things a lot.

So, I’ve decided to flip it. I’m going to share with you some of the reminders I give to myself when I’m running on empty or just feeling a little snowed under and in need of a break.

Here are my top ten things to remember when life feels a little more challenging than usual. I hope my list helps you.

1. This situation will not last forever.
2. You have a 100% success rate at surviving tough times.
3. You will learn from this.
4. There’s no such thing as the wrong path – it’s just a different route. You’ve been diverted for a reason.
5. Find something to laugh about. Anything. Fun’s far more expansive than fear.
6. Be kind to yourself. We all need that. You deserve that.
7. Other people’s negativity is just that. Theirs. It’s nothing to do with you.
8. The twin powers of self-belief and determination will get you through pretty much anything. Pick ’em up – they’re yours to use whenever you want.
9. Remember to be in gratitude – name five things you appreciate, right now.
10. You have the power to retrain your mind, your emotions and your outlook. Those five things you appreciate… name a new five every morning. It’s a start!

I think I’ve used every one of these points at some time this week. For me, they’re like little reset buttons that yank me up out of stress and back onto Easy Street. Or Easier Street, at least.

If there was an eleventh point it would be this:

11. If you’ve had a really busy week, book yourself into a nice hotel at the earliest opportunity – just to chill out and have someone waiting on YOU for a while 😉.

And that’s exactly what I’ll be doing on Sunday night!

Have fun everyone.

Until next time,