Are you doing what you were born to do or are you living the life someone instructed you to live? How much of what you are doing is being influenced by your parents, teachers, society, your gender or peers? There is a burning desire inside of every human being to be the best they can be and to have the very best life has to offer, yet far too few ever achieved that level of success. Yes, I said SUCCESS! Success is not how much money you make or the house you live in, success is doing what you love and being paid to do it. On today’s ENERGY BAR, my guest Kate Beeders and I take on the subject of “1-2-3 LET’S GO” to get you unstuck and mobilized toward your brilliance. Listen in and enjoy.

Kate Beeders is the Best-Selling Author of The Winning Way. She describes herself as an accidental entrepreneur. She started her business in 2010 after being laid off as a Business Development Executive, and she was confident that she would replace her multi-six figure income (and then some) in no time. Instead of big paydays, she was struggling to make ends meet. She was giving away her services because of an old money story that she wasn’t even aware of. She was determined to make this work. As a smart, committed professional, she knew she needed to get help. She hired two coaches – one for marketing and the other for mindset – as no one had the level of expertise in both that she was looking for. They helped her learn how to handle her mindset, marketing and money.

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