Yet Another Reason To Drop Google & Yahoo 1

If you are a Christian, good Stewardship over all that God has given you is essential to living a life pleasing unto Christ. We put time and care into the things God has allowed us to own. Why would we not take care of what we support online with the same passion? Today, we will be your watchman to provide you with information on the email providers you may be using who are undermining your Christian values. In this episode of George Orwell 2084, we will expose who these companies are so you can avoid them and so you can be a better steward over your digital lives. Our guest today is Arthur Ally, CEO – Founder of the Timothy Plan, a biblically responsible investment company.

Arthur Ally, Founder, The Timothy Plan is the leader in the Biblically Responsible Investing arena. It continues to launch new funds in response to changing economic and other conditions, like the Israel Common Values Fund and the Defensive Strategies Fund. In conjunction with their Kingdom mission and focus, Timothy Partners provides financial support to numerous ministries including those involved in human trafficking, defending of Christian liberties, and preserving the life of the unborn. Mr. Ally’s vision has grown, and with the guidance of a top-notch board of directors, God still remains the “real chairman of the board.”

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