Western Leaders & the Abused Wife Syndrome

IQ al Rassooli – For the last 50 years, most of our Western leaders in Politics, Media, Academia and Clergy have been suffering from the Abused Wife Syndrome vis a vis Islam and Muslims.

They have repeatedly (and continue as we speak today) denied the crystal clear relationship between Islamic terror (Jihad) and the doctrine of Sharia based exclusively upon Muhammad’s Quran and Sunna ( the deeds, utterances, thoughts and actions of the most perfect male ever created called Muhammad).

In fact our Western leaders are not only criminally negligent in protecting the European and American peoples from the onslaught of Political Islam but adding insult to injury actually collude with, aid and abet the very enemies of non Muslim humanity in achieving imposing Sharia on a Quran ignorant world.

This act of betrayal, deliberate misrepresentation and organized deception starts in our educational system by professors, educators and so called scholars of Islam who purposefully portray Western Civilization as intolerant, racist, aggressive,  and imperialistic vis a vis Muslims and Arabs. They do so contrary to all facts and reality based on all available historical records that prove the exact opposite.

Let me share with you the following facts that are NEVER taught in Western schools or universities:

  1. The Arab hordes came out of Arabia about 635AD to conquer, slaughter, plunder, rape and enslave non Muslims starting with the Christians of the Byzantine Empire and the Persians of the Sassanid Empire
  2. In 100 years of relentless warfare the Arabs were able to create and empire larger than that of 1000 years that the Romans needed to achieve theirs
  3. In 1200 years of unremitting aggression against Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and Pagans, the Arabs and converts to Islam conducted at least 548 battles, 150 of these battles were conducted against the Christians of Spain (so much for Peaceful Muslims)
  4. The Arabs and Muslims slaughtered and butchered over 140 million Africans, over 100 million Hindus, over 10 million Christians, millions of Chinese and Buddhists excluding the tens of millions of different peoples taken as sex slaves, military slaves or other type of slaves. Furthermore, tens of millions of Christians, Jews, Hindus and others forced to convert to Islam (thanks to Tolerant Muslims)
  5. Scholars are not fully in agreement regarding the extent of the period of the so called ‘Dark Ages’ of Europe. As far as I Know, not a single university teaches that actually the ‘Dark Ages’ of Europe started from and ran parallel to the Arab invasions of the Byzantine and Roman Empires.
  6. They do not teach that wherever the Arabs and Muslims found libraries, they destroyed their contents because they do not support their Quran. That they literally eliminated 90% of human literature, science, philosophy, mathematics, arts and history thus bringing about the death of knowledge that produced the conditions of Europe’s Dark Ages
  7. Not a single scholar in any Western university points out that the Arabs and Islam are an Organized Crime Syndicate whose sole purpose is to plunder, rape and enslave. Wherever Muslims occupied, they turned the country to desolation in the same way locusts do. Arabs are nomadic herders not agriculturalists
  8. Not a single so called scholar of Islam would dare point out that there were NO Golden Ages in Spain or Baghdad. That almost the entirety of Greek, Roman, Hebrew, Persian, Indian and ancient sciences, philosophies and thought were translated to Arabic by Christians, Jews and others from the indigenous peoples NOT by Arabs or Muslims
  9. Students are indoctrinated into believing that the Crusades were terrible acts of aggression against Muslims. Ironically this utter nonsense is propagated by most of the clueless Church leaders also who lament how horrible the Crusaders were. They do not teach the students that it was the Arabs who conquered and occupied the Holy Land from the Byzantine Christians in the first place and continued attacking, raping and enslaving Christian pilgrims for 350 years before the Christians decided that enough is enough and retaliated. The Crusades were the answer to 350 years of aggressive and relentless Jihad. At least the Church leaders of the 11th century had a spine unlike the jelly fish ones of the present
  10. I can recite a greater number of more such facts but the above should be enough to ask WHY? In conclusion, most of our Elites are our worst enemies because while the Muslims have had and continue to have a publicly declared agenda to subjugate ALL humanity to Sharia, our Elites tell us that this not the case that the very Muslims who are following Muhammad’s Quran perfectly, do not know or understand their religion. Our Elites are leading us to our self destruction because if one does not identify one’s enemy one cannot ever defeat it

IQ al Rassooli
Kafir & Proud!

IQ al Rassooli, the Iraqi born Arabic speaker is among the foremost authorities in the world on the subjects of Islam and all related issues. His monumental trilogy (Three Volumes) of “Lifting the Veil: The True Faces of Muhammad & Islam” should be a must read for those who really want to know the facts.