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Malcolm Responds To Tony Robbins Famous ‘Fire Walk’ Across Hot Coals

Another ‘Fire Walk’ across hot coals gone bad in the headlines this week. This one is out of Dallas, Texas. Reports are that 40+ people were injured from the fire-walk, and some were transported to area hospitals. I wonder how many were too embarrassed and said nothing – slipped their shoes back on and limped home? […]

Is Russia the New West? Is the United States the New East?

Could Red Square feel more open and free than Manhattan? Is it even possible? Denmark Journalist Iben Thranholm believes there is something to this new paradigm. “I experienced a fantastic energy, a moral energy similar to America in the ’50s with the old moral values. I met helpful, poetic and cultured people with a spirit of self-sacrifice […]

Ayn Rand: Is our country disintegrating and our infrastructure compromised?

In 1957 Ayn Rand’s masterpiece Atlas Shrugged was published.  A controversial character at the time, she was a prolific author and playwright. Much of her work was an expression of her fundamental belief that selfishness is good and altruism is evil, and the welfare of society is always subordinate to the self-interest of individuals. Mr David Kelley, […]