We have to choose. Will it be the way of the dark or the light - the ego or the heart?

And what are we? According to physics, we are beings of energy. According to most religions, we are part of the whole that is the Universe, or God. When we listen to music, we can hear that each note is separate, but together they create an energetic emotional thing of harmony or discord. The energy put out onto the planet creates one or the other, depending on what energy is most dominant. It’s all in the hands, and hearts, of us humans. We are separate individuals, but we create one world on this planet. Pulling constantly in different directions, creating divisions of Us versus Them, creates a discordant music that jangles the nerves and affects our emotional life minute to minute. The Ego is very active in separating us into single notes labeled as good or bad, right or wrong, angelic or evil. The Ego judges, draws lines and chooses enemies.

The heart, on the other hand, has the ability to seek harmony, peace, forgiveness and compassion in music created by every culture. The heart acknowledges that individuals can commit acts of evil without jumping to the conclusion that all people of that race, creed or place of origin are evil. The energy of the heart is of the light. The energy of judgment, hate and anger is a product of the dark. The planet is in an active war between the two. Everything we do and say adds to the energy of one side or the other.

After the awful events in Paris, I saw a young father and his son speak to a reporter. The wife and mother had been killed by the terrorists. The father said that if he gave in to hate, the killers would have won. He, instead, taught his son that these were a few people of evil intent but they didn’t define anyone else, particularly the two of them. In Austin, Texas, vandals smeared a mosque with feces and wrote hateful rhetoric. When a Christian mother shared with her son what had happened, he emptied his piggy bank and took it to the mosque. These two situations added positive energy to the light on the planet, and they have been replicated over and over. At the same time, the vandals—who are terrorists in their own right—added to the dark energy. The equation is simple: more light must be added to overcome the dark or we will no longer be able to function as a human society. So how can we act to help assure a peaceful light-filled society?

The author Isabel Allende writes: I have to act from a place of good intention, a place of love and kindness. It’s a place of good intention that will allow me to walk in this world without creating any damage.

Without creating any damage! Dark energy creates chaos and pain. Focusing on the heart creates an intentional emotion and thought. Intention is energy. When we act with good intention it will become a habit. Stopping our initial reaction to what we see as unfair or hateful, going to the heart and asking how we can react differently, creates good intent. What possible good can it do for our body, our family, our community or our world to react with hate and anger? The stress of those emotions takes a toll on us that is seen every day in the number of people with stress-related diseases, mental and emotional issues, multiple medications for sleep, and so many other situations. Our surrounding miasma of judgment and anger affects everyone in our sphere. So will our energy of love and compassion. It’s a simple conclusion that if a majority of us stop, breathe into our hearts and then choose what to say or do, we can change the world. I love the saying in the “Course in Miracles”,

Every decision I make is a choice between a grievance and a miracle. I relinquish all regrets, grievances and resentments and choose the miracle.

What a powerful thing to contemplate. Imagine. Every time I am ready to make a decision to speak or act, I realize that I have a choice. I can speak my grievance, resentment or regret, feel the emotions of anger or sadness living in those choices or imagine how I can change that grievance, resentment or regret into a positive emotion. This choice can even include, as it did for me, finding the gift in the worst moments of my life. (See my book – The Gifts of Grief: Finding Light in the Darkness of Loss.) When your heart feels gratitude or understanding or appreciation, it releases wonderful chemicals that create peace and calm out into your body. When you go to anger, resentment or hate you release a chemical brew that causes stress, deterioration of the body and breakdown. Who wouldn’t choose the first of those?

I do not say we shouldn’t notice and grieve acts of violence in this world. We are human. The Bible says: “Jesus Wept.” It’s after we experience the first emotions that we reach the choice point to change that reaction into action. We can choose, as the child did, to support someone with money or caring. Or we can choose, as that husband did, to honor his wife’s death with compassion. Proper steps have to be taken to stop the advance of evil, including the elimination of those hate-filled beings who want only to destroy others. We must fulfill our obligation to protect while not teaching hate in the same way the terrorists do. Individuals in this country who preach hate based on color or creed or social standing only add to the dark cloud of evil hanging over us. That puts them on the same side. We have to choose. Will it be the way of the dark or the light—the ego or the heart? It’s that simple.

By Author Therèse Tappouni
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Therèse Tappouni is the author of six published books—four of which have received major awards—and creator of two meditation/visualization CDs. Her latest book is The Gifts of Grief: Finding Light in the Darkness of Loss. Therèse is the founder of the company Whole Heart, dedicated to helping people live a balanced, loving and creative life. She teaches workshops for women in mid-life, grief workshops, women’s history classes, resilience workshops and one-on-one coaching created from her certification as a HeartMath® Trainer. She has also trained in many other modalities, including Somatic Intuitive Training™ and Time Dimension Therapy™