Washington Politics Meets

I submit to you, we are in uncharted territory. This is a new intersection of Washington politics meets “we the people”. I mean listen, we’ve been talking about this moment for how many years now? You know, the moment “we the people” stand up against the entire political class. For better, for worse, that moment is now. And not to be a wise guy here, but I’ve predicted this moment for at least five years. I just knew there had to be a breaking point to just how much insanity – us regular folks – could take!

To the point of Donald Trump. He scares the hell out of many of you! There are those who LOVE Trump and then there are those who HATE the man, his policies, but most of all, his temperament.  We like politicians to ‘play pretty’, and when they don’t – well we quickly have a name or two for that – racist, bigot, egomaniac, bombastic, pompous, showman, arrogant, blowhard, and the list goes on…

So my conservatives friends are upset; actually they’re in denial, and they’re not going to have it. Donald Trump can’t be president, there is just no way! It doesn’t matter that he got the most votes, like ever! It doesn’t matter that his message has resonated with the electorate! He just can’t be president. Some are even suggesting that perhaps Hillary ‘Scandalous’ Clinton, or as Donald affectionately calls her ‘Crooked Hillary’, maybe she isn’t so bad. Maybe we could live with her for four years – and then we can push our ‘guy’ in there. And to my liberal friends, ‘give me a break’! With every ounce of your being, look me in the eyes and tell me that you think Ms. Clinton is the perfect recipe for what our country needs next. I’m not even going to waste this space with the litany list of problems that another Clinton administration would represent. And don’t give me the alternative Trump is worse. It’s a cop-out and you know it!

Stay with me here. So I see this tweet the other day from a young black conservative man (yes they do exist) he has been in radio; a preacher – so he is a man of principal – here is the exchange of tweets:

And so with that I did. It’s interesting because in less than thirty minutes – we cover some ground and well, listen in – I think you’ll learn something!

Incidentally, Demetrius Minor has a new book out and we will have him visit us back ahead to discuss further. Here is that link: Preservation and Purpose: The Making of a Young Millennial, A Manifesto for Faith, Family and Politics

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