The Use of Terror Tactics in US Politics

In the wake of the 2016 election, Progressive groups in the United States have employed radical methods in a quest to impose their political, social, and moral ideals on fellow citizens. Designed to intimidate and shame those who don’t agree with them, Progressives pressure individuals, businesses, organizations, and academia to shun targeted groups and individuals and resort to violence when their bully tactics fail. Eliminating opposition views, limiting free speech, engaging in violence, threats and intimidation; these are time honored tactics employed by terrorists groups the world over and It does little good to hide behind politically correct terms. The Islamic State (ISIS), al Qaeda (AQ), the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), and the Taliban routinely threaten local populations with violence if they dared not embrace the righteous world view of these brutal organizations. Yet, there is a denial to call out the progressive liberals for their insular, narrow, and oppressive views and their willingness to use the same tactics terrorist use to impose their views.

Multiple protests have been allowed to escalate to destruction of private property, violence against citizens discourse and democratic ideals. Met with little or no reprisals by law enforcement nor local governments, these groups have been emboldened and only more certain of their duty to act by whatever means necessary to ensure their morals are the only morals that are deemed acceptable. The recent cancellation of Ann Coulter’s speaking engagement at UC Berkeley is just one example of a high-profile event cancelled due to the threat of such violence by the far left. A muted response from champions of free speech and liberal ideals only serving to further encourage those determined to eradicate or re-educate those they have labeled degenerates, bigots, and “deplorables.”

A monolith, the Progressives stand ready to attack any position, any politician, any thing that stands in their way. As with all such movements, all perspective, moderations and reason seems to have taken flight. The far left has taken on the mantle of a revolutionary party, with politicians such as Elizabeth Warren referring to Democrats as the “opposition party” and not the minority party in Congress. Such self-labeling signaling the Progressives intend to oppose the Democratic process enshrined in the US Constitution and defended with the blood of its men and women. Instead of working within the constructs of the US political process, upholding the pillars of the US Democracy, and allowing the duly elected representatives to do what the people elected them to do, the Progressives have declared war on true liberalism, hijacking the Democratic process and cutting at the very core of democratic process. In this way, the Progressives reject the voice of the people and subvert the electoral, judicial, and legislative processes to achieve the goals of an unelected minority. The Progressives reek of hypocrisy. They are no different than the lobbyists or the rich and powerful that the Progressives claim to abhor, the Progressives claim to act for the good of the people, to know what is best, what is right, and what is just. This hijacking of the US political process, whether dealing with immigration, tax reform or even the appointment of a Supreme Court Judge, the Progressives stand ready, not to protest an injustice or defend the Constitution, but to enforce a party agenda, by word or by fist.

Politicians, left wing media and Hollywood elites refuse to condemn the violence carried out in the name of the progressive agenda. The suppression of free speech, the use of the media to rile the population and incite violence, and the rhetoric of politicians, like Senator Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, is in essence a call to arms and a power grab that is intended to subjugate the people and impose the will of the elite. Supported by Socialist, Hollywood nut jobs and open society extremists, The Progressive have the funding and support to push their agenda, escalating their actions until society submits, with no mind to the damage to the very core of the US government and our Democratic ideals. When this happens in countries in the Middle East, Eastern Europe or Africa we call them violent extremists, terrorists, Warlords, oligarchs and dictators.

Our democracy was built on ideals that champion debate and a respect for other views. Few people want a government that silences dissent. The balance between left and right is a necessary tension, designed to prevent extremes, whether right or left, from usurping the power of government to further their own ends. Our Democracy was designed to ensure all the people in the US are represented, not just those who designate themselves the arbiters of right and wrong. Progressive liberals have become a fledgling terror group and they are coming to a city near you. Call them what they are before they rob America of our greatest treasure, Freedom!

Brian E. Gould (USA SF, Ret.) served in the U.S Army and U.S. Special Forces for over two (2) decades. During his military career Mr. Gould was engaged in the Eastern European, Middle Eastern, and African theaters as part of U.S. ongoing missions and military operations. Mr. Gould specializes in providing advisory and management services for international reconstruction and development projects, stability operations, and international commercial development.