The bashing of President Trump is simply unprecedented in this country. The people that we pay with all of our hard earned tax dollars need to shut up and do the jobs they were hired to do. We have created a system that needs to change, in our colleges and universities, of a liberal bias that is out of control.

To my mind, teachers should be teaching things that are useful to our kid’s futures, and in their careers. Things like the trades, or medicine, economics, forensics, criminal law, the arts and so on.

But really, a class on Beyonce? What about How to Win a Beauty Pageant, or a class on Tattoos and Body Piercing, or a class on Stupidity? Stupid!!

Professors are inciting riots, participating in violence, encouraging the murder of our President in numbers that are extremely disturbing. These teachers are serving none of us. What has happened to our educational system and why are we standing idly by while we pay exorbitant dollars to these teachers to teach our kids this bunch of garbage?

I say we get rid of tenure and fire any of these losers that are using their teaching job as a platform for their extreme political views. We are not a socialist country, we don’t have to tolerate this.

It’s a top down problem in these Institutions. Division Deans, Academic Senates, College Presidents and Boards are responsible for class content and approve these bizarre classes that help no one. They waste so much of our tax dollars, it is a whole other swamp to be drained. My kids don’t need a “safe space” and they don’t need to report someone who says something they don’t like. They don’t need to be taught about Zombies, or how to make dog clothes or about Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus, or how to watch television. Kids need to grow up in the real world and learn to deal with life, not run from it. They need to learn the basics of reading, writing, arithmetic, then expand on those with higher education. Teach how to work and feed your family. Teach them how to balance their household budgets, how to be a good spouse, or how to be a great and valuable employee, or boss, if you really must teach things other than real history that is the best teacher of all, and the basics in education.

What Division Dean would approve a class on Beyonce? College Administrators need to re-think what they are getting paid to do. How is the next generation going to stand tall in the world with this garbage being fed to them? Students need the tools to invent cures for cancer, and go into space, and explore the earth to make things that make life better. There is no professor who should have the right of free speech in the classroom, in their workplace, where they are being paid to teach a curriculum, who should keep their job when they advocate the assassination of our President. If you or I did that at our job, we’d surely be terminated and be investigated by the Secret Service.

Why is this OK? The rules need to change and the administrators with their overly fat paychecks and fatter expense accounts need to get replaced with people who want to teach our kids to build better lives for themselves and others by their hard work and ingenuity. We need teachers who are not teaching for the self-aggrandizing reason of pushing their socialist message out to your kids and mine.

I truly hope that Betsy DeVos can start the ball rolling in the right direction. I believe she gets it, but she will face huge hurdles with people that want to protect their interests, not our youth’s interests.

She will have to face the liberal Teachers Union who are very powerful, and are motivated by money, not our kids’ education.

Fire these professors that are anti-American, and teach our kids to respect our Nation and our President in honest terms. We don’t all have to agree, but we all have to get along as Americans, and we don’t need educators being agitators.