Trump’s Corporate America

Watching Democrats and leftists attempting to reverse the Trump Tsunami is both tragic and comical. His detractors are almost entirely clueless politicians regarding running a successful major business. I was on the talk show with James Lowe of KMA Entertainment and one of his guests was Dan Perkins (author of ‘The Brotherhood of the Red Nile’) and during the discussion he said “Trump is going to run the USA like a Corporation”. I congratulated him instantly for such a remarkably insightful conclusion and told him I shall use this in my articles.

This is why Trump is gathering the most talented business men, women and generals to act as his executives and or directors while he oversees all as the Chief Executive Officer. The idea or concept of running the USA as a giant business enterprise is beyond the intellect, comprehension and psychology of political hacks who mostly get into politics for self gratification whether for power or money but mostly not for the greater good of the nation no matter how many times they mention “The American people” this or that.

Trump has already made it clear that during his presidency he will NOT engage in any acquisitions and enlargement of his portfolio nor will he get paid a salary more than the token ONE dollar. The billionaires he is adding to his Corporate America will get less salary than they would out of politics. Most probably they too may forego their salary putting all of them in a charitable fund. To succeed, such business leaders decide allocation of resources; cost benefits; profit and loss; negotiating against likeminded others to get the best deal that benefits BOTH sides.

Dear Americans, just think about what Trump is trying to achieve in his Corporate America:

  1. Cut taxes both for the citizens and businesses as well as simplify the taxing system
  1. Renovate the decaying infrastructure all over the USA employing millions of Americans
  1. Making America not only self sufficient in energy – so that never again Americans are held hostage by an outside party – but even more than that, to make her a huge exporter of energy
  1. Giving incentives as well as punishment for American companies to invest in the USA and not to relocate outside it
  1. Job creation achieves two extremely important conditions: the incredible psychological effect of self-respect and dignity for those who have jobs and are able to pay taxes
  1. It is much better to have 25 million confident tax payers because they are working than 50 million on the dole having low self esteem and draining the economy
  1. Last but not least, allow Americans to excel, create and innovate unencumbered by Big Brother government controls that will hopefully turn Trump’s “Make America Great Again” equivalent as a challenge to JFK’s vision of landing on the moon within a decade. Americans at that time questioned only whether he meant 1969 or 1970 because they too became energized and believed they can do it.

As usual, I again warn those Americans who believe Donald J Trump will lead them to achieve these goals that they must not allow those who want to either depose or derail him to win by being vigilant and proactive at all times because Trump cannot and will not achieve these goals without the full support and participation of

“We the People”

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