All across the globe a REVOLUTION is taking place. Revelations of dormant matters buried decades ago, have risen to the surface for light and resurrection of new life as we witness a mass awakening of the collective consciousness, separated only by geography knowing humanity shares the same pulse.

The world echoes out a plight for Justice against the trials and tribulations whose agenda is of control and narratives of propaganda setting man against man, while weaponizing the truth with layers of lies and psychological warfare.

Mainstream Media Is not recognizing President Trump’s Sex Trafficking Busts…Why? Are they a contributing force to this systemic crime?

Watchmen who never sleep, are tasked with the diligence of pulling mankind out of the abyss through loving methods of fidelity, yet simultaneously, the dark side countering progress with hateful obtuse agendas…. of castrating the good of mankind, it is a spiritual and political war, who’s belief system dates back to the ancients on both sides of God vs Evil.

Last, January 2017, Donald J Trump was sworn into office as the 45th President of the United States of America, by winning the hearts and minds of the majority of Americans during the election process and regardless of party line, Republicans, Democrats and others alike, voted for Trump, as it’s been many years since America has witnessed the benefits and healing of strong and steady leadership.

One of the promises this President has committed to was the safety and protection of all Americans, despite race, creed or social stature, and yet, President Trumps daily and weekly accomplishments are purposely withheld from many of mainstream broadcasting for fear of feeding the popularity to cause.

It was through the tell tale signs of neglect, and dereliction of civil duties that watchmen all across the country recognized this plot of a nefarious nature, only benefiting the secret societies of the bizarre compartmentalized corporate elites belonging to a communist belief system stemming from dynasties of deities that feed the opposite side of humanity.

Americans are excited to witness the positive transformation process of economical progress within our country, as we were crippled by the past 8+ years of devious administrations, filled with unending egregious acts of tyranny and treason from within, of contradiction and radical un-American policies, that mounted on the surface, yet it is what lies beneath the surface that has risen to become reckoned, the wicked are becoming desperate as they along with their devious plots and coups try to control us with their false flags and narratives….the fight is on….there is no looking back as truth seekers and dragon slayers support our President in this revolutionary war against evil.

Around the world all nations people witnessed unethical acts against them through migration of illegal aliens, shadow governments showing themselves through expedited promotions of population control, murders, rapes, gangs, human trafficking, body harvesting, regulations and many other foreign treaties and policies being introduced and conditioning processes into daily lifestyles.

Those aware are taking mental notes and building 28,937 SEALED plus sealed Indictments against the criminals from within who were suppose to protect us and follow the Rule of Law and Constitution, these are the figure heads who grew in our power, using their political and military platforms as personal endowment plans…mounting Indictments against these individuals belonging to the Political, Military, Religious, Royalty, Corporate CEO’s, Hollywood Actors, Rappers, Singers, and others, all belonging to underground satanic orders and covenants included in this mix are the criminal activities of convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein, his taboo island of deviated pleasures and the Lolita Express.

Taboo and sinister crimes of rape, murder and in many cases cannibalistic acts against the children of the world.

For anyone who hasn’t been paying attention, the elite are heavily into pedophilia and satanism because these are ways for them to prove they are sociopathic enough to be trusted with great crimes, and prove they can trust one another, despite being sociopaths.

They all have dirt on each other. Satanic ritual abuse is used to create controllable spit personalities, like the Manchurian Candidate. Lucius needs his loosh.

Is this the main reason why so many in the Democratic party have pushed the “ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION” issues so hard over the rights of all Americans? To bring in as many foreign and undocumented human beings so they can be used for sacrificial reasons? After all, who is going to miss several thousand people gone missing when millions flood into the U.S.? Is this another reason why the deep underground military bases aka DUMB’s have been created as they can move these products and services from state to state without being traced, and a certain amount of them will be used for sex trafficking, body harvesting, and human sacrifices.

The guilty will call it “FAKE NEWS” in order to conceal their crimes as it’s also apart of their belief system….one filled with soulless acts of violence and disturbing violations against children.

These taboo and sinister acts have been Investigated by President Donald J Trump and many within various departments of the legal system for many years now.

This network connects not only to those involved within the Washington D.C. area, yet Hollywood, The United Nations, Great Britain, the Vatican and Globally.

Recently reported were the allegations that Pope Francis was found guilty of child trafficking, rape and murder of nearly 1000 children.

Recently, Hollywood’s Allison Mack was arrested for CHILD TRAFFICKING and Her connections to Hollywood Elites, Political Leaders and Billionaires. Since her arrest, the number of sealed indictments dramatically increased… Coincidence?

The media has ignored the staggering number of sexual predators that have been arrested since President Trump came into office. Between 2017-2018, Over 1,000 sexual predators have been taken into custody. Considering that in 2014, only 400 were arrested. It’s quite obvious that President Trump has made this a mission.

Wikileaks was instrumental in providing proof that this secret sect within our Political structure does exist, which explains the great divide in Congress and the finger pointing among Republican and Democratic party members along with their leaders.

Adding insult to injury are the alleged Campaign Manager for the Clinton Campaign, Mr Tony Podesta, and his brother John, who own a major lobbying firm and the Chair of the Center for American Progress (CAP), A Washington DC-based think tank. It is with the emergence and facts stemming from the FBI Agents who uncovered a child sex ring connected to the Clinton Foundation.

“The control mechanism, which has kept the matrix firmly established in the USA over many decades, is Pizzagate; the global version is known as Pedogate. Both of these ongoing crime syndicates have been breaking down in real time. It’s now quite difficult for the Pizzagate/Pedogate perpetrators to maintain this international criminal enterprise, particularly given so many daily disclosure on the Internet.”

Although Ron Patton wrote this essay on mind control over 30 years ago, it remains a classic for the Satanic Ritual Abuse survivor and therapist community. Even though this torture of children has been going on and known about since at least World War II, and was allowed to evolve into international kidnapping rings run by the Vatican and European Royals, plus Congress ordered two investigations into these CIA practices of torturing and murdering children – that were covered up.

Breaking: It is through the election of President Donald J.Trump, the first American President to actually take action against these criminals harming and killing the worlds children that the Global MATRIX is collapsing!

“Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.” Psalm 127:3 ESV

Special Blessings and Thank you to Investigative Journalist “Liz Crokin” for throwing herself upon the Alter of Truth regarding the Pizzagate-Pedogate hidden societies. She is a dragon slayer and incredible wealth of knowledge at exposing the criminals harming and killing our children.

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