The 'Cyber-Fairy' Revisited & 'Healthy Seeds' for your new year
While you were sleeping, the Washington cyber-fairy got her way again by convincing Congress to slide language in the omnibus budget bill that arguably violates Americans privacy. Didn’t we just go down this road earlier in the year? Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D- Calif., said she voted against it because it included the controversial cybersecurity bill that she called “a surveillance tool,” without sufficient protections for data privacy – and without debate.

Technology Expert… Bob Francis, from Milford Communications Partners is on the show and will get us the latest. Are we back in George Orwell land? Also, spoken-word artist Venus Jones will stop by and talk Healthy Seeds for the new year. You’ll also find tips on how to break all those routines in your life that are slowing you down.

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