Special Prosecutor Needed For NYC Mayor

Special Prosecutor Needed For NYC Mayor | This disgusting scandal involving the New York City Mayor, his close buddies who he has appointed to the Citizen Compliant Review Board, and the Police Commissioners own nepotism is spiraling to the point where I believe that a Special Prosecutor needs to be called in to investigate what appears to be a complete conflict of interest. How much money has changed hands in legal fees between the law firm these people own or are connected to and people who sued the NYPD that they represented?


Another Civilian Complaint Review Board member has links to a law firm with clients who allege police abuse

A second high-ranking official with the Civilian Complaint Review Board has a cozy relationship with a law firm that has clients who have alleged abuse at the hands of police, the Daily News has learned.

Executive Director Mina Malik is married to Derek Sells, a prominent civil rights lawyer and managing partner at the Cochran Firm. The power couple recently sat next to each other at a New York Law School symposium about the NYPD’s use-of-force rules.

Malik, who assumed the position in January of last year, declined comment through Edison Alban, a CCRB spokesman. Alban said that when Malik was being vetted for the position, she let city officials know that Sells was her husband.

Alban said there was no conflict of interest because Sells doesn’t handle clients who have filed CCRB complaints.

But Sells, who on the firm’s website appears in a video discussing the types of clients the legal team represents — including alleged victims of police brutality — said there are no restrictions in place.

He said that while neither he nor his firm, established by O.J. Simpson attorney Johnnie Cochran, currently represent any such clients, there is a chance that could happen.

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