Gay Marriage, LGBT Adoption Rights, Gender Identity, Euthanasia, Abortion⏤why are these being pushed so hard into the minds of young people?

Religious Freedom Act, Women in Combat, Transgender Athletes, Flying the Confederate Flag, Safe Spaces⏤should social issues be the center of our political debate?

We live in an extremely polarizing time⏤there is very limited discussion on the real issues, or on common ground to solve these issues. Will the forces ever come back together as WE THE PEOPLE again in the foreseeable future? How are we to understand and resolve the historic battle of so-called ‘good vs evil’ in the world? Basically, how are we to make sense of human behavior, specifically the dark side of human nature?

Ava Armstrong is a political commentator, radio personality. Ava is an author who writes about the everyday men and women with a focus on Patriotism. Mallory Millett, CFO for several companies she is a long-standing director of the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

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