Slain Deputy Family Has To Fight For Benefits!

Slain Deputy Family Has To Fight For Benefits! | It is outrageous that the widow and children of a Police Officer murdered in the line of duty has to beg for death benefits in Florida or anywhere else in the United States. This should be a federal law!

Instead of spending millions of dollars investigating police departments, the Department of Justice and the President along with the Senate and Congress should be bringing fairness and equity to the families of those who gave their lives in the line of duty as well as address the forgotten people, those disabled in the line of duty.

If ever there was an injustice that needed to be corrected it is this issue. Instead it seems our law makers are more interested in creating laws that negatively affect the American Law Enforcement Officer. Probably because they are more interested in headlines and votes then doing the right thing. Injustice angers me and this is a grave injustice. Lieutenant Randy Sutton

mynews13, Orlando, FL By Lyn P.

Family of slain Florida deputy asks lawmakers to pass benefits bill

The family of a fallen Orange County deputy is pleading with lawmakers to pass a bill that would give them benefits.

“Change the bill to 100 percent because my husband gave 100 percent of his life,” said Bridget Pine, the widow of Orange County Deputy Scott Pine.

“There’s so many things that I would like to change that I can’t change. I would like to bring back their father but I can’t do that. But something we can do is have this law changed so it can help my family and other families,” Bridget Pine add.

Under the current law, the widow and children of an officer who has a certain type of retirement plan, and is killed in the line of duty, do not get full death benefits.

Before becoming an Orange County deputy, Scott Pine was an investment banker for nearly 10 years. However, he gave up a successful career to follow his passion law enforcement. “It’s scary to not know what your future holds. I’m fighting this for these kids.  This is their future,” Pine’s widow said.

Deputy Pine was shot and killed while chasing after a car burglary suspect two years ago.

Because the former investment banker picked an investment retirement plan, his widow and three young children are locked out of the state’s current pension plan.

Mrs. Pine is urging the Florida House to adopt Senate Bill 7012, which would provide 100 percent pension benefits for those left behind by fallen first responders. “[He] made the ultimate sacrifice. We’re only asking for them to do the right thing,” said Morgan & Morgan attorney Belvin Perry.

Pine says living without her husband is heartbreaking.  She’s had to cut her hours back at work.

Without any other family in Central Florida, she’s the only one who can drop off and pick up her children from school. Her request of state lawmakers is simple.

“I would ask them to adopt the bill. The Senate Bill 7012 so that families like myself and future families that will walk this horrific journey, will be taken care of,” Bridget Pine said.

State lawmakers are running out of time to pass a new law on this issue. This year’s Florida legislative session ends Friday, March 11.