The Secret To Success Is To Become Obsolete 2

The executive graveyards are over-flowing with well-intentioned leaders who were at the top of their game. The business graveyards are chock-full of companies who thought that they were on top of the world.

I am here to tell you that becoming obsolete is not a positive attribute – so then why do folks become obsolete? And why is it a secret? Each of us wants to be relevant – in both our professional and personal lives – yet once we become so relevant – the key then becomes – to protect your success at all cost. Probably safe to say that nobody aims to become obsolete – right?

Disregard everything I just told you in the ABOVE paragraph – and put all your energy into becoming obsolete.

You can work a lifetime to achieve your dreams, but the reality is – it doesn’t take a lifetime to lose them – dreams can disappear in a flash. And they will, if you don’t focus on – making yourself, your product, your service – obsolete, rest assure somebody else will.

We addressed this business of complacency and the dangers of ‘not becoming’ obsolete on a recent national radio broadcast – featuring an excellent article in Fortune entitled: This Is What Happens When You Don’t Take Risks, by Arthur Pinheiro Machado.

Angye Foxx
Angye Foxx

Co-host of ‘The Enlightened Entrepreneurs’ Angye Foxx joins Malcolm with her expert analysis on why some folks succeed in a big way and yet others struggle – after they’ve already achieved that pinnacle moment in their industry. It’s a fascinating conversation, and with the proper guidance, sprinkle in some reverse psychology, and you too can achieve again and again and again.

Angye Foxx is an enlightened entrepreneur with a passion for business. She achieved her real estate license at the age of 18, created her first corporation at the age of 19 and has started and sold 30+ different companies so far in her lifetime. She currently runs the day-to-day operations of a digital ad agency and oversees a commercial & residential real estate company.

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