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Novelist Sally Fernandez Talks Washington Redemption

Another crisis loomed with the U.S. government reporting the national debt at a staggering $22 trillion. With entitlement programs on the verge of becoming insolvent, foreclosures again on the rise, and social unrest continuing to permeate the airwaves, the U.S. braced herself once again.

It is April 2017 and the newly-elected president faces a country in crisis. The paucity of employment, the rising support for global governance, and the decline in America’s stature was causing unrest in the streets. The president’s chosen course was to assemble some of the country’s best minds to offer solutions.

Sally Fernandez, Novelist, is a novelist of provocative political thrillers that twists facts with fiction. Author of “The Simon Tetralogy” that focuses on contemporary unvarnished political facts in a fast paced fictional setting. www.sallyfernandez.com

Also, Uber gets into the helicopter business, twitter sued for enabling terrorists and the general election heats up in America!

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