Rock Bottom to Sky High - the story of L'Ange Sermons Millionard
Rock Bottom to Sky HIgh!

A highly successful New York real estate investor who lost it all in the market crash and hit ROCK BOTTOM in 2009 – he went back to the drawing board of life and reinvented himself using his God-given talents and poof. On the show today – L’Ange Sermons Millionard, former Haiti Resident and now actor, recording artist, and future motivational speaker, lover of life and all things great – uses his unique story of desire to show how a dream can be lived as long as you stay resilient and never quit.

L’Ange will tell us how to keep going when we’re knocked down? And how living on the brink of hope can make us push harder to be a success? Warning: listen at your own discretion – you may find yourself more pumped up than ever before!

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