Respect Your Muslim Parents

Muhammad made sure in his Quran that his followers cannot ever criticize him or point out his flaws. Muhammad is untouchable. He is a sacred cow. One can censure Allah but one can’t disparage Muhammad. The pompous thugs of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, al Qaida, al Shabab, Salafis and others among Muhammad’s benighted votaries will never realize that they and all his other followers have been deceived for the last 1400 years by their depraved mentor called Muhammad bin Abd Allah.

My objective is to pull Muhammad down from that pedestal – based entirely upon the Arabic sources themselves –  and let the world see what a miserable, despicable, contemptible, wicked, loathsome creature Muhammad truly was. People are being killed every day while Muslim ‘scholars’ and their clueless Western apologists continue with their intellectual masturbation about how Muhammad’s Quran predicted scientific discoveries. It is these so called intellectuals who are prolonging the life of this despicable cult of death.

It is time for the world to face the truth; that Islam is a gigantic lie and a deadly cult belief system.

It is time for these Muslim ‘intellectuals’ to pull their heads out of the sand of Muhammad’s seventh century Arabian Desert and end this stupidity and these bloodsheds. Muhammad deserves to be insulted because this monster, being beneath contempt, cannot deserve anyone’s respect.

Human life and human rights have to be respected and not a freakish faith invented by a charlatan who in his Quran insults all those who do not believe and calls for their murder. Is this not crustal clear from his Quran and Sharia?

Beliefs don’t have to be respected. They have to be scrutinized and if found faulty, rejected. If Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism deserve any respect, it is because there is some good in them and not because their followers DEMAND it and threaten to exterminate other peoples if they fail to respect them. Can anyone show us what is good in Islam?

For any good teachings that Muhammad plagiarized, plundered or pirated from Christians, Jews and Zoroasterians he added dozens of evil instructions in his Quran. When Muhammad says, respect your parents – something that is a no-brainer that all cultures have taught – he makes it clear in his Quran that ONLY if the parents are Muslims should they be respected and if they are not obeying his Quran, they should be challenged or even killed. When Muhammad says don’t commit adultery, he makes it clear that this law applies ONLY to fellow Muslims, but the wives and females of nonbelievers/ Infidels/ Kuffar are fair game.

When Muhammad prohibits theft, it is ONLY for the property of fellow Muslims as the belongings of Infidels/ Kuffar are regarded HALAL (fair game and Sharia lawful) to every Muslim to be plundered at will.

There is nothing good or redeeming in Islam to deserve our respect. I invite all those who do not live in an Islamic country to insult Muhammad, mock this criminal and ridicule his degenerate faith and his foolish followers. None Muslim humanity must counter Muslim propaganda of deception by proving that Islam is not a religion but a CULT, the cult of Muhammad. Islam is not Godly. Islam is Demonic or Satanic and only utterly stupid or brain dead people believe in this irrationality.

If enough leaders in the Media and Academia have the backbone and moral rectitude to enlighten people on TV, Radio and Print, all Muslim propaganda would fail miserably in continuing to deceive unwary humanity.

When Islam is perceived and or proven as a senseless faith concocted by a depraved man called Muhammad whose Quran is fit for thoughtless people or the trash can, millions of Muslims will be awakened, feel ashamed and will lose their unjustified pride. They will re- think their allegiance to Muhammad’s CULT of Death and will stop believing in and promoting his doctrines. Don’t take insulting Muhammad and mocking this fiend lightly. This is not a laughing matter, but a thought through stratagem to combat Islamic arrogance and its conceit.

Would Muslim children hearing and or reading everyone proving and calling Muhammad a pedophile want to become pedophile worshippers and wage jihad for this unclean beast?

As I have pointed out on numerous occasions that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse of Muhammadan Islam are called:

Knowledge! Knowledge! Knowledge! And Knowledge!