It was only a matter of time before the boiling point would take current events right over the edge. That point is where America finds itself this very day. A day where America must not only grapple with the events that unfolded in Dallas the evening of July 7th – but it must now determine the best way forward for all citizens.


In the hours and days directly after this horrific event I can predict that politicians, media mouths and race hustlers will all descend on this critical moment with their own false narratives further flaming the unrest.

IF we make Dallas all about GUNS, they win. Remember the definition of a criminal is one who does not obey laws, with a devious mind to do harm with whatever means they can. History has proven this point, yet politicians and entertainers continue to flame the narrative that if you dispose of all guns in the country that this will somehow dispose of all the hate and crime.

IF we make this just about RACE, they win. This is a fight about GOOD vs. EVIL not black vs. white. Police Officers come in all sizes, shapes and colors. When criminals take it upon themselves to hide behind some cause, and when this cause is exploited in the consciousness of society, it becomes another false narrative. The judgment of a few can often times skew every profession – yet this black white soundbite continues to adorn media headlines further flaming an already scorched and exhausted narrative.

IF we make this about the POLICE, they win. The fight is less about the color of skin, but more about the color of the uniform our heroes wear. This is about the ‘Rule of Law’ period. The unbelievable sacrifice the men and women in blue make every minute of every day to protect all of us and to keep this nation free is HEROIC. Law Enforcement are the first and most important barrier against both domestic and international terrorism. They are the bravest of the brave. They need to be celebrated and praised for their commitment to a civilized society.

As shocked and dumbfounded as I believe we all are today – this is a moment in American history that begs for HONESTY, PRAYER & COURAGE, but mostly it begs for LEADERSHIP!

IF we make this about the TRUTH, we win. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? If I were President I would call for a SUMMIT, a meeting of great minds to come together to showcase both UNITY and one to provide ANSWERS, along with a VISION for what will happen when the necessary steps are taken. I would do this directly in the spotlight, do it in Baltimore, San Bernardino, or do it Dallas. Bring together leaders from the Political World, the Christian World, the Media World, Law Enforcement, Military Leaders.

I would require that folks leave their labels all at home, and come simply as Americans. Keep driving that message home, just don’t paint it with a broad brush – you say it enough, your practice it enough, and it will sink-in. More importantly it must become the new perception. At this meeting it’s key to use a massive whiteboard and gather hundreds of ideas. We want to have a court-stenographer in attendance to capture these detailed notes. The meeting is conducted with a professional facilitator, not the President or some public official. But the President must be part of this important summit, he must be engaged at all levels. The findings from the summit must be publicized in a relevant journal available to all who wish to have it. There must be accountability and followup. Action items, milestones, and what are the deliverables?

I want to leave you with this thought. The words of Dallas Police Chief David Brown:

“We Don’t Feel a Lot of Support Most Days … Let’s Not Let Today Be Most Days … Please, We Need
Your Support”.

And to that I say AMEN!

Malcolm Out Loud is the creator of America Out Loud. Host of Viewpoint This Sunday; Nozzle News, the daily news show; and Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Pleasure. A dynamic radio personality, who is thought-provoking, introspective, and often a champion for those overlooked in our society—like veterans, law enforcement officers, and good citizens doing their best to contribute to society in a positive way. What makes him different than any other radio host—it’s his straightforward approach to difficult subjects. Whether it’s politics or breaking news, or a long unnoticed issue in our lives—Malcolm is open-minded, sincere, and unafraid to speak the Out Loud Truth. If you’re looking for something different than people yelling over one another—and something that examines an issue or event in an authentic, reasonable manner—then he is your man. Never boring, he’s candid and sincere—and will often make you think deeply about topics that have been kicked around for years. To get to the Out Loud Truth, tune in and listen!