Why Posting Proudly Pro-Blue is Blind Courage

These days to stand on one side of an extreme is an act of blind courage. One never knows the repercussions of freely sharing their beliefs, as our nation has lost the art of appreciating different views. Tragically, Brian Ogle, a young Alabama teen was brutally bashed in the head by a pistol for sharing pro-police content on Facebook. This young man respectfully honors the men and women of our nation who protect and serve and for his valor and exceptionalism he is beaten down during his homecoming game Friday. America, we have lost our souls to an evil spirit!

We expend a significant amount of energy attempting to maintain extremes and therefore nobody and nothing moves forward. Do we not see that we are not winning this debate? We are stuck in the hollow streets of whose lives matters more. To boldly stand for your beliefs is one thing. To get beaten down for them is another. The racial divide that is killing and maiming our fellow citizens, worse our youth, should shock us to shift our views. Yet, we stand divided hurting one another in the pursuit of protecting our side of the argument. How did this heinous crime against a young man help the racial cause?

The mission of Blue Lives Matter is a stated reverence for those “serving and honoring American law enforcement by tirelessly celebrating their lives and contributions to the communities they protect”. We lack respect in this country for life. Pain and death is a great teacher, how is it that we keep missing the lesson? The loss of any life make us all the same, how can you disagree? A mother, family and friends are anguished over this brutal attack of a young man who was expressing his American pride.

Have we forgotten the true
meaning of life?

When did voicing your opinion call for violence? How is it that we place such little value on human lives? What we face as a society is an issue of EGO and fear. We stand on one side or the other believing that we are different by virtue of race. We are a society gone mad labeling one another and choosing sides ready to defend ourselves in the sickest most maniacal manner.

Our collective consciousness is suffering from the depths of a victim mentality that is destroying our culture one human story at a time. This young man is a pillar of courage to stand behind the men and women who serve and protect our nation. Anger, which is disappointed love, infuses our every interaction in society. God is testing us, America. We have a hole in our soul and this hole is hurting our fellow citizens. Compassion for others comes from one’s spirit. To feel honored, protected, encouraged, loved and respected we need to unlearn the destructive art of judging. When will we stop hurting one another? Who will be the hero? It is time to stop pointing fingers and take accountability for violent actions.

This post is in honor of Brian and his valiant pro-blue stance. We stand behind this young man and pray for his recovery. The Sylacauga Police Department is showing their support for Brian, while he recovers from this ruthless beating by asking our community to send him get well cards. Lt. Randy Sutton, National Spokesman for Blue Lives Matter and Host of Police Radio on America Out Loud has an important message in the video below.

The cards can be addressed to:

Brian Ogle, Care of Chief Kelley Johnson
Sylacauga Police Department
301 N Broadway Ave
Sylacauga, AL 35150

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