The Poison the FDA Recommends You Drink

After nearly losing his third child to fluoride poisoning, Fred Van Liew made it his personal mission to not only get to the bottom of this crooked industry, but to inform Americans of the real dangers that lurk out there when it comes to their water. You might even call him the ‘Water Whisperer’.

Hydrofluorosilicic acid is a type of fluoride used in most water systems in America – it is a neurotoxin and hormone disrupter. Fred goes on to inform us that other than the fact that it has to be transported, the Hydrofluorosilicic acid, which is the raw washed out of those fertilizer smoke stacks – they don’t even clean it up. It’s just how they dispose of that as wastes and they get us to pay for it but it must be transported in double walled tanker trucks because a single walled tanker truck would be too dangerous because if it spills on the asphalt within an hour it’ll eat through an inch of asphalt and this is what they’re saying is safe for our children. In fact, it is so acidic that in Thurman, Maryland when they shut down their fluoridation pumps years ago for maintenance the lead levels went down 73% and they didn’t turn the pumps back on for a while. Now of course, politics gets in there and they turn them back on but this is nasty stuff. The same thing happened in Kent, Washington – turn off the pumps for maintenance same thing dramatic reduction in lead levels. It’s the solder used in the pipes the copper pipes and it’s some in the old cities it’s the lead pipes that are believe it or not still under there.

“If you want to stay healthy, and you want to live a long life, you have got to stay away from the medical doctors – they are peddlers of poison and peddlers of disinformation,” says Fred Van Liew.

Fred Van Liew, known as “The Water Doctor,” he’s a pioneer in the natural health industry. In 1986, after nearly losing his third child to fluoride poisoning, his personal research into all kinds of water treatment quickly propelled him to become the most reliable expert for health professionals and their patients regarding water and water appliances as they relate to health, internally and externally.

Water Department employees have to wear full body hazardous material protective gear when handling it. When HFS (Hydrofluorosilicic acid), is added to our water, it is diluted to supposedly safe levels. But it turns out that “safe” is a controversial judgement call. Fluoridation causes tooth discoloration known as dental fluorosis, now seen in 36 percent of white children and 58 percent of black children.

“Fluoride is the hardest element to take out of water because it binds with calcium and calcium is a dissolved solid and filers don’t remove calcium it just goes right through the filters and so this sneaky little fluoride once you add it you have to take everything else out before you can even think about taking the fluoride out.” Fred Van Liew

Fluoridated water is associated with hip fractures (by making the bones brittle), joint problems, lower IQ, ADHD and low thyroid… The HFS we use to fluoridate our water is a toxic byproduct of fertilizer production; it’s costly for the manufacturer to dispose of properly. Then it was discovered they could save that expense and actually earn a few bucks by selling it for use as a fluoridating agent. So why do we add HFS to our water? Because back in the 1940’s some studies were done that concluded that sodium fluoride in the water reduced the rate of cavities. These early studies didn’t use HFS and their methodology has since been discredited.

Since those early days of fluoridation we’ve learned that fluoride’s effect on teeth is topical. That means you have to apply it directly to the tooth surface to get a positive effect. Drinking it doesn’t help you resist cavities. Many studies show that since WWII tooth decay has declined at the same rate whether or not water is fluoridated. Indeed, many cities and most European countries have ended their fluoridation programs. Find out more from the Fluoride Action Network.

“It’s (fluoride) constantly compromising your immune system making you more susceptible to disease,” Fred Van Liew.

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