President Barack Obama said Tuesday that “vulgar and divisive” language was damaging America’s reputation abroad and leading to violence at GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s rallies. In a thinly veiled shot at Trump, Obama said offensive rhetoric had been aimed at women, minorities, and Americans who “don’t look like us or pray like us or vote like we do.”

Perhaps All This ‘Political Chaos’ Is Good For The Country ?! questions Malcolm.

A Donald Trump rally in Chicago was cancelled this past week due to violence. Bernie Sanders has seen hecklers protesters and violence at his rallies. They’ve even grabbed the mic from the presidential candidates hands. Welcome to the world of Presidential Politics – where the game is rigged and the stakes are high!

Democrat vs. Republican on white
Democrat vs. Republican
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Malcolm has a boat-load of questions for DrBev on this one! It should be an interesting show!!

But where were these same politicians when Baltimore was on fire and Ferguson got ugly?? Who did they blame it on then? I’ll tell you who – law enforcement, police officers on the front lines that risk their lives every day to protect you and I. Was that fair?

How much responsibility should the current administration bear for this? Further what about the state of the country as a whole? Have politicians let us down?

Has our country morphed from a free speech society into a politically correct environment?