Our Global Fear Influenced By Earth's Magnetic Field?

Many years after the death of my son, I wrote a book titled “The Gifts of Grief: Finding Light in the Darkness of Loss.” In the process, I read a lot of research on the connection between all humans and the energy of our planet that led me to the study of global grief. As I wrote in the book:

“Our world gives us many reasons to feel sadness and grief. Global Grief is harder to pin down than individual losses, but it is real nonetheless. It occurs outside our private lives and affects us as a community. As I write this book, thousands across the Northeast are suffering loss from hurricane Sandy. Not only are individuals, homes, pets, neighbors and years of memories gone, but a really deep fear over the future of our planet has come to the surface.”

Joanna Macy, eco-philosopher and scholar in the fields of systems theory and deep ecology says: “We are in grief. With all that’s being inflicted on the natural world and the social fabric of our lives together, there’s fear too, anger as well…when pain for the world arises within you, recognize it and pause. Realize that you are capable of suffering with your world.” We pass this emotional feeling on to the people around us. A large group passes the energy of the emotion on into the world.

The science of this connection has been written about since the 1950s, when the Schumann Resonance was discovered. A connection between the so-called “heart-beat” of Mother Earth and the brain of individual human beings is well established science. The results of hundreds, thousands or even millions on the planet broadcasting a shared emotion—such as fear or anger in the case of 9/11—are being studied right now around the scientific community. What is happening when our global fear hits the magnetic field? And, on the flip side, what can happen if, as a group, we consciously send emotions of love, gratitude and prayer out into the world?

Earth Energy
Earth vibrates at exactly the same rhythm as our hearts and brains.

Coherence, for an individual, is when the heart, mind, emotions and body are all working in sync. That’s when we achieve what is known as “flow.” The same is true between systems that must cooperate to reach maximum coherence. Researchers like Dr. McCraty and NASA are conducting ongoing experiments in the connection and possible coherence of systems. In the meantime, we can be assured that emotions are affecting not only our immediate environment (as I covered in my last article on Civility) but a global environment as well. When we encounter significant events, like the current migration of hundreds of thousands of displaced individuals, it matters whether we view them as a threat or tap into our human compassion and help however we can. The energy of all connected systems—ecological, biological and universal—has the ability to produce positive or negative effects. Once we know this, the impetus to be in a place of the heart becomes global. Each one of us can do our small part, and we’re more likely to do so once we realize how we and Mother Earth effect each other.

By Author Therèse Tappouni
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