When the Old Way of Parenting Doesn’t Work Anymore

Would it be smart or wise to parent our kids like they did a thousand years ago, or during the industrial revolution? Well you would automatically with common sense say of course not … we live in a very different and fast moving time – so wouldn’t it make sense that we would change the way we raise our children?

“children won’t respond to the old fashioned type of parenting,” says Leslee Beckvonpeccozz.

There’s been a new type of child born in the last 20+ years, one in which the old parenting style simply doesn’t work anymore. What is happening and how do we parent these new children? “Today’s children represent an evolution of the human species,” Lee Carroll. This is a very important broadcast today – one where you’ll discover solutions to an age old parenting dilemma. Grab some paper and a pen and take some notes! You’ll be glad you did.

Leslee Beckvonpeccozz is an emotional intuitive, energy teacher, and mother of three Indigos. She pulls together her knowledge, intuitive skills, and understanding of energies and patterns, and uses all in her own unique approach to her life coaching work. She can be reached at lesleebvp@gmail.com.

Leslee states that in earlier times children were to be seen and not heard and there were some emotional ramifications for that philosophy that we all had to deal with. However Leslie will go on to explain that we need to listen to our children and treat them with respect and don’t lie to them. They are very sensitive to lying even to what we call “little white lies.

“We (as parents) need to help them validate their feelings and know that whatever they feel is okay.” states Leslee, in fact

“Negative feelings gives us an opportunity for growth.”

They (indigos), are very confident which the generation we were brought up in would interpret that as ego, but it’s just they are very, very confident they know who they are.” says Leslee. “These are not necessarily bad traits, it’s just the way they are.” Host Beverly Butler

Let it be said, “the times are changing fast,” and so does our parenting style when dealing with indigos. Leslee offers great advice for those of us struggling to raise what is called ‘the indigo child.’

Here is that link I promised you in the show to the podcast where we addressed some of these challenges! There May Be An Answer For Rebellious Children