We Are Not Stupid People - Get Your Agenda Out Of My News!

I am sort of a news junkie, especially political news. I am also a customer service fanatic. I have noticed these two portions of my world colliding more and more lately, and I feel sure I am not the only one with this dilemma.

I want to know the news, and I want to stay informed. Having information is the best way for any of us to make intelligent decisions with our lives and our money and our families. More and more, I feel as though I am in a “Wag the Dog” world, with regards to media reporting and especially commentary. I am pretty old school. I want to know the news, what happened, where it happened, how it happened and if appropriate, why it happened.

But now, we get virtually none of that. The media is pontificating on what MAY happen, their personal opinions about it, their personal political agenda on display, and a whole lot of misinformation and downright lies included. It’s not just the media, but also those they interview and those they purposely choose to interview to forward whatever their own agenda is. I heard Representative Cummings the other day, say that we have to get to the bottom of the collusion between Trump and Russia and the American people are tuning in to the news, not daily, but hourly, and we are all concerned and distressed about this issue, and we can’t focus on our daily lives. This is a wag the dog scenario. It’s just a made up lie that gets to forward his own agenda to get Trump. I decided to check this claim out with random people that I know. I asked lots of people in all walks of life, how often they are “tuning in” to hear the latest on the collusion; that would be the collusion that has not been proven and of which no evidence has been found, that is now in the media every moment, and on the lips of our reckless and irresponsible politicians and talking heads to make people get up in arms about a false narrative. No one, not one person, was tuning in anywhere every hour to hear any of this. No one had any distress over it and over half didn’t know what I was talking about and the rest really didn’t care.

We are not stupid people, they are simply people that take their kids to school, then go to work, then go home and make dinner and do homework and go to their kid’s baseball games. I did not find one person who was in distress and clamoring for answers about this so called collusion.

The reporting from the media has become so irresponsible in REPORTING the news because they just can’t help themselves from inserting themselves into it. In my lifetime, I have never been so indignant and disgusted with the words that come out of these reporters mouths, not with the intent of giving us, their customers, the news, but with the intention of making us feel a certain way about an event or a person, that may have no resemblance to the real facts and the real story.

The news is not what happened, it is what may have happened, or what they think could have happened, or what could happen at some future point in time, and they are so wrong about it all. It’s about sensationalizing and political agendas. Get your agenda out of my news.

I was taught to respect the Office of the.President. I did not like President Obama, and thought and still think he was wrong for America. I watched the media pander to him and excuse him and not call him out on things that were clearly wrong, or a misstep, or a danger or collusions of his own. The media definitely had a bias.

In my lifetime, I have never seen the disrespect for the President of the United States, freely elected by the people, that I see and hear and read every single day. I no longer want to hear the fake news and the dishonesty in reporting, and the words that are only there to make we the people believe things that are not true, to advance the politics of the media. That is wrong. I am the customer, I am the consumer of the news, and I want to be. But I don’t want the slant. I don’t want to hear that in the aftermath of Manchester, we are in for the same thing in America due to President Trump. That handwriting has been on the wall for a long time. Where were these journalists when Obama was pandering to the enemy? Get your agenda out of my news. 

The media has lost all semblance of respect in America. They are a mockery of journalistic ethics. Tell me the news, that’s all we all want and what we deserve. That is their job. Nowhere in the job description of a journalist does it say that the job is to further their own politics and twist the thoughts of Americans to think what they want them to think regardless of the truth. I am perfectly capable, as are most all of us, to make my own decisions about what I should think or feel when presented with facts. So please give me just the facts, and not annoying and dishonest slanted views, opinions, and insults, and get back to ethics and honest reporting of the news.

Get your agenda out of my news.