Musician Richard Kiser takes on Drugs, Bullying & the Dangers of the Internet

Drugs, Bullying & the Dangers of the Internet – Instead of a culture of learning – it has become a culture of gossip, dating and social media overload. Our education system is in trouble. Instant messaging, chat rooms, social media networking – do the kids even have a chance today, or has technology changed the game so much that the decline we are experiencing will be the new normal?

What is the biggest challenge in our schools today? How about the biggest challenge from the kids’ point of view? Is this generation less innovative? Are we losing the edge? Musician Richard Kiser will give us his take and tell us how he is taking the challenge directly to the kids!

Richard Kiser is a Christian Recording artist/instrumentalist performing over 100 concerts a year all over the US. He has played with Roy Clark, Chet Atkins, and was inducted in the Country Gospel Music Hall of Fame. Kiser is on a mission – going into schools and using his guitars, (1968 thunderbird smoking muffler guitar as a hook for the kids) to talk to the kids about saying no to drugs, bullying, and Internet dangers. Find out more on Richard Kiser on iTunes and