Muhammadan Muslims Thrive In The Twilight Zone Of Denial

According to the English language, civilization comprises a society which is in an advanced state of social development, with complex legal, political and religious organizations; that is, in an advanced state of intellectual, cultural and material development in human society, marked by progress in the arts and sciences, the extensive use of record keeping, including writing, and the appearance of complex political and social institutions.

Like everything else about Muhammadan Islam and its apologists, facts and reality are contrary to all their exaggerated and invariably false and wishful thinking declarations. Let us examine the historical facts as recorded by the Muhammadan Muslims themselves and their contemporaries. In the mostly Pagan Arabian Peninsula where Muhammad was spreading his message circa 610 AD, the Arabs were among the most illiterate, superstitious and unlearned nomadic and semi-nomadic people in what we call the Middle East today.

Although surrounded by other truly advanced cultures, they had not even the semblance of a civilization to speak of: they had no central authority such as a king or a priest-king, no government, no army, no civil service, no arts, no sciences and most important of all, no record keeping.

The Arabs, under the banner of so-called Islam, conquered several civilizations on three continents: the Zoroasterian Sassanid Persian Empire, the Byzantine Christian Empire, the Coptic Christian Egyptians, the Hindu Indians, the Buddhist Chinese, etc. These were truly advanced civilizations.

It is therefore inconceivable to suggest that the Arabs could have imparted anything of value to the subjugated peoples of these conquered civilizations. In Arabic, the subject peoples who converted to Muhammadan Islam are called Mawali, meaning clients / followers / supporters. This is an extremely relevant and important word because it is from among the conquered people of these civilizations that the Arab Imperialists were able to build their mosques, their palaces, run their trade and economies, collect taxes, take census and keep records. It was from among the Mawali as well as Jews and Christians of the conquered territories who refused to convert that Greek, Roman, Persian and Hebrew literature, philosophies and sciences were translated to Arabic.

From 701 to 1424, a period of about 700 years, a maximum of 80 scientists and scholars under the sword of Muhammadan Islam – mostly from among the Mawali – contributed a wealth of advancement in many branches of knowledge.

It is vitally important for readers to realise that these scholars based their knowledge on foundations first set by others, centuries before them: Egyptian, Hebrew, Persian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Indian, etc., whose knowledge and writings were translated into Arabic by men from the conquered peoples, by converts to Muhammadan Islam (Mawali) as well as by Jews, Christians and others. The so-called Islamic Science and / or Islamic civilization had absolutely nothing to do with Muhammadan Islam. Almost the entirety of these scholars and scientists excelled not because of Muhammadan Islam but in spite of Muhammadan Islam since they were invariably secular thinkers.

No knowledge whatsoever, in the sciences, arts, engineering, architecture, philosophy etc. can possibly sprout under fundamentalist Muhammadan Islam, because the only knowledge that fundamentalist Muhammadan Islam can recognise as valid and worthy is knowledge of the Quran, which they call ilm of Sharia. Out of the eighty or so scientists and scholars mentioned above only a handful were pure Arabs. The remainder were Persians, Turks, Jews, Christians, Kurds, Sabians, Spaniards, North Africans, etc.

In reality, this science and this civilization should be, and must be called Mawali science and / or Mawali civilization because Muhammadan Islam contributed absolutely nothing to its evolution, propagation and / or establishment.

Nothing of value in human intellectual endeavours can possibly be created or grow under fundamentalist Muhammadan Islam.

Muslims, Carly Fiorina and other dimwit supporters of Islam reading this will be outraged at such statements.

Well, let them think about the following and find out the common denominator that underlines them:

  1. Can anyone name TEN Muslims who have contributed anything to human intellectual, artistic and philosophical advancement and betterment from among the tens of millions in the Arabian Peninsula in the last 1,380 years from 635 to 2015?
  2. Can anyone name TEN Muslims who have contributed anything to the advancement and / or betterment of human knowledge in the sciences, arts, philosophy, theological discourse etc., from among the 2,000,000,000 Muhammadan Muslims in the world during the 565 years from 1450 to 2015 AD?

The only reason that one cannot find these scientists or scholars is because fundamentalist Muhammadan Islam cannot survive under the bright light of knowledge, freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom of religious belief and / or freedom of intellectual dialogue and debate, because the best and most perfect system of fundamentalist Muhammadan Islam is that of the Taliban in Afghanistan, ISIS in Syria / Iraq, Boko Haram in Nigeria, Hamas in Gaza, etc.:  states of mind-boggling ignorance, religious intolerance, hate, racism, terror and utter stupidity.

Fundamentalist Muhammadan Islam can only survive in darkness, and as we know, little if anything can bloom and prosper in the dark without sunshine.

That is why very little knowledge, if any, emanates from over 57 Muhammadan Muslim states in the world today of over
1.5 billion souls.

The above statements and facts are available for all to read and no amount of Muhammadan Muslim anger, diatribes, hate-mongering threats and terror can change an iota of them.

Muhammadan Muslims thrive in the twilight zone of denial and of blaming all others. The denial of facts, the denial of reality and the Blame Others Syndrome.

For as long as they are not willing or able to face facts, Islam and Muslims will continue to remain forever fixed in the time warp of Muhammad’s seventh century Arabia.