My life As A Fundamental Christian Was All A Lie

It was late spring of 2014 when I had a total paradigm shift and my life took a turn in a totally new direction. When I finally discovered the truth, I had happiness I had never felt before – quite frankly I felt like I had been set free from prison.

This is what happens when you wake up to how the world really works. To say I did a 180 is an understatement. It took three years for this to happen to me and this is after much study and research and experience with things that were not supposed to happen. I realized that day that what I had been taught all of my life as a fundamental Christian was a lie. I wasn’t able to accept this at first. I had to put it on a shelf and come back to it later. It sent panic through my veins when I first starting realizing that things were not adding up for the first time in my life.

This show is the show where I bare my soul and talk about my awakening. I’ll reveal some of the things that got me thinking big time. There were questions I had – that to this day – haven’t been answered from a fundamental Christian’s viewpoint.

Have we all been lied to? Does the world really work like we’ve been told? Is reincarnation real? How could all the different races come from one set of parents? These questions and more lead to my awakening. This is one podcast you’re going to want to hear as I reveal my findings and those inner secrets that haven’t seen the light of day – that is until now!