Learning To Take Five

Five is a pretty good number, I think.
It’s enough for a guilt free vacation.
It’s a milestone for accomplishments, spurring on the chant for five more.
It’s as many steps as it takes for me till I feel that I’m gathering momentum.
I can count internally to this specific number and reach calm before I speak…
Five can be just about right, if I let it be.
Creating the space for this many minutes, days, steps
or even calculated breaths…
Well, that seems to be the real struggle.
Life is So busy. And it’s fast. And it’s slow. It’s so complicated. I’ve got it all figured out. Others are holding me back. I didn’t get a chance to thank someone for their help today. It’s so much.
Was I enough? 
Slow it down.
Make five available.
Repeat when needed.

Photo location Top of The Ring Of Kerry, Ireland
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©Copyright Joy M. Kleid “Learning To Take Five”

As I travel through this life, I find the beauty in our world and people, fascinating. Humans have been telling their stories and giving us a window into who they are, since the first picture was formed. These photographs are frozen moments in my time that continue to resonate with me. I hope you will find an emotional spark or connection as you look through my life-lens. Always listen for the voice in the storm…