Just Back From The Battlefield, Hollie McKay Reveals The Evil Among Us 1

A terrible evil lurks among us. It’s known as ISIS, ISIL, or Daesh. They have perpetrated unspeakable acts of cruelty among Christians, Jews, Yazidis, and mostly to other Muslims as well.

Retired Special Forces Colonel Jamie Williamson spent over a year in northern Iraq during the Gulf War and, subsequently, Operation Provide Comfort establishing a northern security zone and providing humanitarian relief to the Kurdish population there. During this time he gained an enormous respect for the Pesh Merga and the Kurdish people. He later returned as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

In this show Williamson’s guest is Hollie McKay. Hollie is a journalist with FOX News and has recently returned as a war correspondent from war-torn northern Iraq and Syria. Hollie has seen firsthand some of the horrors of ISIS and the suffering of the Syrian and Iraqi people. She is a distinguished journalist who has made numerous trips to various locations in the Middle East and Southwest Asia.

Journalist Hollie McKay
Journalist Hollie McKay
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