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We all have it; we use it from time to time and we all wish we used it more when things go wrong. What is “IT”? The “IT” is our INTUITION. Some call this internal GPS, inner voice, Holy Spirit, sub-conscious, gut-feeling, inner knowing, divine voice. Whatever you call it, studies show that not only do we have this sense within us, there are ways that we can enhance our intuition.

According to the Meyers Briggs personality test, people fall in to categories when it comes to intuition type behavior. You’re either a Sensing personality type or an Intuitive personality type.  Studies have shown that 25% of the population is Intuitive, but all people have exhibited signs of using their intuition. For instance, have you ever had the experience of trying to solve a problem and no solutions surface and then suddenly you have an “ahha” moment? That is a form of intuition. Or what about the time when you were thinking about someone you had not seen in a while and they suddenly call? That too is a form of intuition.

Perhaps you’ve tried following your intuition, but felt blocked—especially in certain areas of your life. Join the club. So many of us are disconnected from our own inner knowing. Yet, whether you’ve trusted your intuition your entire life or never, your life reflects the choices you’ve made. Gail Harris shares with us a practical understating of what intuition is and what we can do to enhance our intuition.

“Stop being so preoccupied with the outcome,” Your Host Lynnis

gail-harrisGAIL HARRIS is an author and Intuition coach who helps people make following their intuition a way of life, so they can have the most fulfilling life by being the best expression of themselves. She was a finalist for an IPNE Book Award for the memoir Finding Zoe. Her book, Your Heart Knows the Answer is a bible for self-love by teaching you how to listen for and then trust your intuition. The framework from which Gail teaches and the core of her Intuition Training Program is called The Goodness Framework for Living. Gail studied yoga and meditation at the Kripalu Center of Yoga and Health. A writer in her bones, Gail also coaches authors to bring out the best in their non-fiction manuscripts. Yet, the job where she uses her intuition most is being the mother to her teenage son.

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