Donald Trump has made his case to the American people with three simple words – “I’M WITH YOU.” After all the balloons have dropped and the confetti swept up from both conventions – voters will be scratching their heads in an attempt to determine which candidate not only has the best plan for America, but which candidate will actually keep their promises and execute on that plan.

Can Trump deliver on his promise to be the blue collar leader, the roll up his sleeves, listen and deliver candidate – for the America people?

We are not accustomed to any politician to put the needs of the people in front of their own political agenda. It just doesn’t happen in either party. Fact is there isn’t a person around that will cast a vote this fall who truly believes that Clinton or Trump will actually do what they say they’re going to do. And therein lies the problem. We’ve lost faith. We’ve lost hope.

More importantly, we’ve lost trust in this political system of oneupmanship.

Trump’s attraction at the moment is that he is a meat and potatoes regular guy who is delivering statements and one-liners we’ve never heard before from a polished politician. Many in the electorate find this kind of refreshing. Others not so much, they are offended by such honesty and who in the hell does this guy think he is anyways? Why can he just say whatever comes to his mind? Doesn’t he know the game isn’t played that way?

And what about the Trump Stars, Donald Jr, Eric, Tiffany and Ivanka Trump – you talk about an arsenal of secret weapons. If it wasn’t for this family of superstars – this convention would have been a total bust! Trump’s family created a safety net for the convention as they were the only truly consistent scheduling component of a convention that was highlighted more for who wasn’t there then who was there.

The GOP Convention was ridiculed on just about every level from the media. I’m most curious to see if they ridicule the dems, when they showcase their candidate and vision for America. This is what the media talking heads do best – critique and criticize. That speech was too angry. That women plagiarized the speech from eight years ago. I didn’t like the tone that they were speaking in. These people don’t know what they’re doing. A rookie mistake. It all builds more drama – and without drama – the media heads are convinced people will tune it out. What does this all mean? It means that the multitude of distractions put forth by the media heads should not be the lasting impression. The lasting impression has to be – did the candidate pull it off? Did they convince enough people that they have the right vision for America and can they execute on that vision?

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