Identity Theft Protection Is a Theft

Millions of people subscribe to credit monitoring or Identity theft protection services each year. This is due in part to the million + of Identity theft victims each year but also because of very effective advertising campaigns run by these services. But are they really getting what they are paying for? Do they really need to spend hundreds of dollars each year to “protect themselves? Is there a more cost effective way to get the protection you need today? You will find out today on this episode of George Orwell 2084.

Jeremy Duffy AKA The Geek Professor. Jeremy is A Computer Geek with over 20 years of experience including 10 years with the Department of Defense protecting government and military computing from nation-state adversaries. Jeremy is an Experienced Teacher and Trainer with a talent for explaining complicated concepts in simple ways to people of all ages and technical skill levels. Jeremy has provided training and briefings to the FBI, the DHS, the State Department, and military bases from Alaska to Florida.

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How to Freeze Your Credit
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