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The Great Obama Internet Giveaway

The Obama administration ended the U.S. Government contract with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN in October 2016. Under this transition of Internet oversight, China, Russia and Iran, which have all demonstrated their contempt for Internet freedom by blocking websites and restricting Internet access to their own citizens, would be newly empowered to block specific websites from users all over the world, including in the United States.

The Obama administration sought to appease international outrage over its eavesdropping on foreign leaders, revealed in Edward Snowden’s leaks about the National Security Agency, by transferring control of ICANN. This move puts our internet freedoms and our rights to speak across the globe in jeopardy of censorship! Does this concern you? It’s disturbing and needs to be discussed today with our guest, Libertarian Michael Pickens, on George Orwell 2084.

This move puts our internet freedoms and our rights to speak across the globe in jeopardy of censorship!

Increasing infringements on our online privacy is rising due in part to 3 main threats:

  1. “Free” Email providers who scan, analyze and categorize your personal information selling it to advertisers.
  2. NSA’s unwarranted, unlawful and unconstitutional access to private information on law-abiding citizens.
  3. Cybercrimes such as malware, key logging viruses, phishing emails and ransomware.
David Boron is the CEO and Founder of PrivacyAbroad, GmbH located in Zug, Switzerland. He founded PrivacyAbroad in 2013 as an answer to the digital threats every home, business and enterprise faces today. He is passionate to make consumers aware of these digital threats and how to protect themselves, their families and businesses so they can focus on the things that matter most. Commercial entities are capturing our personal data for advertising, Governments are spying on their law-abiding citizens and cyber criminals are having a field day, everyday! If we don’t start taking a stand for our rights and protecting ourselves… what will our utopia look like in 2084?