God’s Wink Is Sometimes a Roaring Scream!

There are no coincidences in life. If you were to lay out all the random, unexpected, planned, happy and tragic events in your life, you will begin to see a trail of signs that label the path to your current circumstances. Unfortunately, many are living in a fog of denial, chasing a dream that is external to our soul’s goal and are trying to solve an internal problem with external solutions and are missing the signs. If the world is at a crossroad with one path leading to a promising future, the other, a destruction of a moral society, which path would you choose? Inherently, you would choose the path to a promising future. The question is, are you behaving, acting or habituating in a manner that lends itself to this promising future you yearn for? For many, we wish, dream, desire and want for a better life but we are unaware of the changes we need to make or are afraid to make a change in our behavior. As a society, we like to subscribe to the quick fix, magic bullet, fast food, get rich quick scheme or engage in the blame game to discharge ourselves from the struggles, pain, suffering and emotional madness associated with a life that is not going as we planned. If you wish for a dream life but do not want to travel down the rocky road to positive, lasting change you are missing out on the golden nugget life has to offer. The gold is in the failures, challenges, obstacles and losses.

With every step we take in life there is a sign, a guidepost, a whisper or a coincidence that gives us clues to assist us in overcoming life’s hurdles and directs us to the next step. SQuire Rushnell, bestselling author, calls these life coincidences, godwinks.  According to SQuire, life is an arrangement of patterned coincidences, which is God’s way of showing us which next step to take in our personal journey. Many are missing these signs, winks and are choosing to live life in the comfort zone, going through the motions of daily life, numb to the moment of now and accepting mediocre relationships, jobs, and life circumstances in honor of taking the path of least resistance. We have resigned to unplugging from the very areas in our life that bring a true sense of wellbeing and joy as an avoidance tactic and the very thing we avoid is the very thing that snowballs into a self-created misfortune. This choice to live passively is at the expense of our health and wellbeing. For the first time in American history we have the largest cohort suffering from obesity, alcoholism and a series of health and life altering addictions impacting the moral integrity of our nation. 

For some, it takes a tragedy or a series of catastrophic events to shake us awake from this passive, submissive, lifeless way of being. I spent countless years drifting aimlessly, tortured with emotional baggage that was mind induced and struggling to find happiness even though from the outside my life appeared ‘perfect’. It took seeing addiction as a problem, death of a friend to cancer, divorce, financial destruction and loss of my home for me to finally wake from my fog. In my case, the years of winking and throwing signs down didn’t get my attention, so he belted out a roaring scream! During my awakening, I realized my disastrous life events were valuable clues to beginning my next chapter. With a renewed presence of awareness, I set on a personal journey to create a passion-filled life with purpose. 

Don’t sit passively in the passenger seat of life wishing things would get better. Take intentional actions that will ensure results. When I work with partners one on one, I walk them through a 7 step process to finding their true passion. The first step to this process begins with knowing WHAT you want. How can you plan actions and produce results if you do not know what you want from your dream life? There are 6 core areas of your life where you may be stuck 1) Financial 2) Relationships 3) Fitness 4) Career 5) Spiritual 6) Play 7) Giving Back. Focus on integrating all 6 parts into your life and for each area ask yourself: What do I really want from this part of my life? What are the signs leading me here? What will it feel like when I achieve this goal? He is gently nudging you in the right direction but you will only get there if you awaken to the message and follow it with heated passion. It begins with asking WHAT.

Influencing people to follow their unique path in life is my gift. I inspire people to step out of their comfort zone to create a life that is free! Freedom from excess weight, bad habits, financial debts, unfulfilling work, worry, stress, exhaustion, mediocrity, living to survive and any other life inhibiting, mindset habits. These very habits of thinking and behaving are hurting you rather than helping you. It begins with getting a healthy body and a healthy mind in tandem. It is a rocky but rewarding experience. Don’t let your fear keep you stuck in limbo, mediocrity or accepting what is. 

It is up to individuals to take careful, measured, confident steps toward fit and fearless living. Are you on the right track? How do you know? What are the signs? Ask yourself, does this mean something? First step is to identify your what! What do you really want from your life? Get OUT LOUD AMERICA! Let’s be a solution to the problems we experience by taking personal accountability and dreaming big! Join me on a faithful mission to transform a ‘stuck in suck’ mentality and inspire the desire for fit, fearless, healthy and prosperous living, one story at a time.

“Everything you want from your dream life is on the other side of fear”

Kelly Murphy, Learning Consultant & Founder of Fit & Fearless Living

Website: www.fitandfearlessliving.com
Email: Kelly@fitandfearlessliving.com