How To Be Fabulously Fit After Forty 2

Unlike many of the health and fitness gurus you’ll find out there, Allan Misner was not always fit. He was an athlete up through his late twenties (nothing to get too excited about, but he was in good shape). Allan’s slide began when he was 32 and by the time he was 37, he had gone from fit to obese. According to Allan “When I say obese, I mean I was over 40% body fat. My blood work made it clear, I wouldn’t be on the right side of the grass in another 37 years”.
For the next ten years, Allan rode the weight loss roller coaster. Up and down, up and down, but the trend always seemed to be on the up. That’s great for a stock portfolio, but not good when it is your waistline. He often tried the things he had done when he was fit, but he just couldn’t solve the health and fitness puzzle.
Allan made a decision to invest in his health the same way he had always invested in his retirement. He came to the realization if he didn’t do something about his health, he wouldn’t need the money he had invested.

Allan Misner

Allan Misner became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with a Fitness Nutrition Specialty and the Corrective Exercise Specialty. He also became a member to different gyms and started buying higher quality food. The end result has been a more fit and lean Allan. He now has made a commitment to share his philosophy of fitness to those who had the same situation as he had. Nearing or over 40, out of shape, obese (or borderline obese) and needing a viable solution that lasts. Allan shares what his knowledge and wisdom about getting fit over forty, that will educate, encourage and entertain all who tune in!

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