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Randy’s belief and philosophy is simple yet poignant….

Randy Sutton was born and raised in Princeton New Jersey, where after graduating High School, he joined the Princeton Borough Police department becoming one of the youngest Police Officers in the state. He served the town for ten years before joining the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department where he served for almost 24 years, retiring at the rank of Lieutenant. During his service he distinguished himself as one of the highest decorated officers in department history having earned multiple Lifesaving awards, Exemplary Service awards, Community service and a Medal for Valor. He was also awarded a Presidential Point of Light Award by President George Bush for his creation of a reading program for inner city children.

Randy was one of the most featured officers on the popular television series “COPS”, having appeared in three separate seasons which led to his being cast in a role as a police officers in the Academy Award winning film, “CASINO” with Robert Deniro and Sharon Stone. Other film and TV roles followed, including “FOOLS RUSH IN”, “MISS CONGENIALITY II”, “THE ROAD HOME”, “CLOVERS MOVIE”, “AMERICA’S MOST WANTED” and a co-starring role opposite James Caan in pilot episode of “LAS VEGAS”.


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Putting FIRST Responders FIRST

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From BLACK TO BLUE, the Jamie Rooney Story

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Will To Survive: The Officer Jeff Swett Story

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Citizens Risking Their Lives For Their Police

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Campus Meltdown On Another Conservative, Heather Mac Donald

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The Uniforms of Fallen Officers Become Sacred Teddy Bears

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Cops Careers Killed By Small Town Politics

Sounds like a dirty joke, but it’s not… Two couples got in a fight at a Mexican restaurant. They had all been drinking. Dickson,...
'Bring The Murderer Back To Face Justice' Michelle Malkin

‘Bring The Murderer Back To Face Justice’ Michelle Malkin

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"An Illumination of the Humanity of Law Enforcement Officers"

“An Illumination of the Humanity of Law Enforcement Officers”

Police Officer and Film Maker PATRICK SHAVER, a Georgia Police Officer who has created the documentary film "OFFICER INVOLVED" has spent the last year travelling across the...

Books from Lt. Sutton

Lieutenant Randy Sutton 2
Prepare yourself for a journey, because you’re about to meet some of our nation’s most successful people–and those who made them who they are. What defines a successful life?
Lieutenant Randy Sutton 4
Sutton’s fascinating collection of stories and memories, solicited from law enforcement officers across the country, offers a broad and insightful look at the many facets of police life.

Randy is a nationally known expert and commentator on law enforcement issues and has been featured on FOX & FRIENDS and The ONE AMERICA NEWS NETWORK and is the “Crime and Safety” on air personality for KTNV TV Las Vegas. He has appeared on hundreds of radio shows across the nation including Patriot Radio, “Malcolm Out Loud”, “”The David Webb Show” and others. His articles have been published in “The New York Dailey News”, “Townhall.com”, “The Dailey Caller”, “Policeone.com”, “Law Officer Magazine”, Police Magazine” and others.

During his police career, Randy penned three popular books about his, and other officer’s experiences. ‘TRUE BLUE Police Stories by Those Who Have Lived Them” was his first. Moved by the tragedy of 9/11, Randy wanted to bring to life stories from officers on the New York Police Department as well as officers from around the nation. He donated the royalties for a fund set up for the families of the officers killed in the attack. Two other books followed including the critically acclaimed “A COPS LIFE” and a second edition of “TRUE BLUE, To Protect and Serve”. 

A series of life changing events took place at the end of Randy’s police career. An officer involved shooting, the terminal illness and subsequent death of his mother and an undiagnosed serious illness combined to cause Randy to suffer a career ending stroke while he was on patrol. As devastating as the stroke was, Randy also believed that it gave him a great gift, “The Gift of Clarity” he terms it, “A Sense of Mission”.

After his recovery, Randy devoted himself to the mission of “LEGACY”. He created and is President of an amazing web based service, “CELEBRATING LEGACY” which brings families closer together through the sharing and archiving of memories and he invented an entirely new social media platform as part of it called, “THE FAMILY JOURNAL” He also created this website, www.thepoweroflegacy.com to promote the concepts of kindness, compassion, integrity and honor, which Randy believes are the cornerstones of personal success. Randy is heavily involved with non-profit organizations that he believes are living the values that he embraces. He is Member of the Board of the BRIAN LAVIOLETTE SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION (BRIANSJOUNREY.COM) which provides scholarship opportunities.  He is also the creator of THE ANGELSHIELDS LAW ENFORCEMENT ADVOCACY FOUNDATION.

Randy’s vision led him on a quest to discover the secret of the success of some of America’s most inspiring people. He travelled the country, interviewing men and women who have touched the lives of others in positive ways, because of those qualities. What resulted is Randy’s newest book, THE POWER OF LEGACY, Personal Heroes of America’s Most Inspiring People”. This moving book includes stories from the creator of the “MAKE-A-WISH FOUNDATION” Frank Shankwitz, actor and veteran’s activist Gary Sinise, political talk show host and philanthropist, Bill O’Reilly, civil rights activist Niger Innis and many others who have touched the lives of others in great and small ways. Randy discovered the key to success of these amazing people were the “Personal Heroes” who influenced their lives. 

It is Randy’s mission to share these powerful stories and inspire others to become “Personal Heroes” themselves and to reach out with kindness, compassion and charity. 

Email me at RandySutton@AmericaOutLoud.com