Who are the heroes in Ava's novels?

Everyday men and women who do extraordinary things. Veterans, policemen, farmers, hard-working middle-class folks, all striving and struggling to make the world a better place.

Independent author, Ava Armstrong, writes thrillers and romance – yes, she dares to combine the two; such a renegade! After more than a decade in corporate America with a four-billion dollar company, Armstrong decided to focus on her true love: writing literature that could be read by the average human being.

Ava describes herself as a Constitutional Conservative, and sleeps with a loaded Smith and Wesson revolver. She has one child, whom she loves, and her collection of firearms, which she loves slightly less, and a special affinity for Glocks and tactical shotguns. Her favorite things are the smell of molten metal at the shooting range, motor oil that drips from vintage 1940’s Indian motorcycles, and the scent of sandalwood soap. You’d have to read her novels to understand that more deeply.

An author and her words of wisdom grace the pages herein... Meet Ava Armstrong

This Has Been a Long Time Coming ~ S&M

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Time Out!

Time Out!

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Happiness Is An Inside Job

Happiness Is An Inside Job

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The Safety of America’s 2nd Amendment: Suddenly Craved by George Clooney

The Safety of America’s 2nd Amendment: Suddenly Craved by George Clooney

by Author, Ava Armstrong I have a deep and abiding love for these words: “The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall...

Books by Ava Armstrong

Nick Kozlovsky is not a guy who gives up easily. He grew up on the tough side of town and never met his father. His childhood consisted of an alcoholic mother with a series of step-fathers who beat him until he learned how to fight back. As a policeman, he had plenty of built-in sensors to detect violent criminal behavior.

Nick’s dream to become a police officer is realized, and even though he’s only a few years into the job, the young patrolman has a lot of heart. He’s happy with the job, but his personal life is in shambles. There are women, but, he has never fallen in love. All of his friends have made the trip to the alter, but Nick soothes his loneliness in ways that aren’t exactly healthy.

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She sets herself apart by writing interesting female characters into thrillers, creating a plot line that becomes a love story wrapped in a tale of espionage. Thus, she’s captured the heart of men and women readers who love thrillers.

Who are the heroes in Ava’s novels? Everyday men and women who do extraordinary things. Veterans, policemen, farmers, hard-working middle-class folks, all striving and struggling to make the world a better place. From homeless vets to women living quiet lives of desperation, Armstrong transports readers to a small town, writing complex characters and stories that often stir strong emotion.

There’s also a children’s series suitable for bedtime, and a pre-teen mystery series soon to be available. She just published book #16, with #17 and #18 already in the works. Armstrong is exclusive with Amazon. All of her books are available on Kindle Unlimited.

Kent McCabe, a U.S. Marine, returns from Iraq a changed man and makes a valiant effort to put his life back together. However, navigating life without a home, a job, or friends becomes his toughest mission. As he continues to fight demons, he moves in with his grandfather – a World War II veteran – who lives in Maine. His grandfather’s old farmhouse is a familiar place. It’s where he spent many childhood summers. Upon arrival, Kent meets a neighbor, Paige Hathaway, and her young son. Paige is fighting a war of her own.

When Lieutenant Ben Keegan leaves the Navy after a decade of training and service as a SEAL, he’s depressed, suffering from post-traumatic stress and sleep problems. Leaving the Navy is the most painful event in his life, and he isolates himself to plan a future as a private government contactor—code for black-op.

When he shows up on the campus of a university in Maine, he meets the captivating Lara Reagan O’Connell. Ben is drawn to her, and for the first time in his life he experiences real love. Finishing her master’s degree in architectural restoration, Lara meets the handsome former Navy SEAL on campus when he shows up as a part time professor.