Europe in Convulsion

The mass slaughter of Christians celebrating Christmas in Berlin perpetrated by a Muslim so called refugee has shaken Germans and Europeans to the core even more that the Paris mass murder. As usual, the subservient and criminally negligent media concentrated their attention on the Muslim terrorist while totally ignoring their own (Media) complicity and those of ALL the leftist elites in Europe who instigated (through Angela Merkel of Germany), allowed and welcomed with open arms the INVASION of Europe by over 1.1 million (at least) able bodied of military age unvetted Muslim males.

The Muslim terrorist and his Muslim supporters in Europe are NOT the only ones guilty of Mass Murder because the hands of the elites in government and the media are also dripping with the blood of butchered innocent civilians. Yet, the same leaders are so much out of touch with reality that they still find it excruciatingly difficult to associate Muslims with TERROR.

Although there is a truism that…

“All Muslims are not terrorists but all terrorists are Muslim”; 

it obscures the fact that it is impossible for any citizen anywhere in the world where there are Muslims to differentiate between the so called ‘peaceful Muslims’ from those who intend to do harm to Infidels/Kuffar/none Muslims after all not all Muslim terrorists wear a beard and a turban (the Turkish assassin of the Russian ambassador, for example).

During the last 20 years that I have been addressing the subjects of Muhammad, his Quran, his Sunna, Sharia and Islamic history I have invariably encountered disbelief by the majority of my audience regarding what I am revealing to them about these subjects because most of none Muslim humanity have been indoctrinated to believe that Islam is a Religion; that Allah is God; that Islam means Peace; that most Muslims are peaceful followers of the Abrahamic faith.

Of course each and every one of the above is FALSE because:

Islam is NOT a Religion but a CULT belief system, the Cult of Muhammad; 

Allah is most assuredly NOT the same as the God of Jesus, Moses and Abraham, the God of the Bible;

Islam does NOT mean Peace because the root verb is ASLAMA meaning Submission.

What most of the clueless Media, Academia, Clergy and Politicians call ‘peaceful Muslims’ they are in reality the Stealth Jihadi Muslims who use Taqiyah (theologically sanctioned deception of Infidels) who pretend to be they are part and parcel of the American, European (or any other none Muslim society) dream while they are the ones who Finance, Shelter, Arm and give Intelligence and Cover to the War Jihadis (the mass murdering terrorists).

Our Western leaders have imposed the draconian regime of Political Correctness and have deliberately turned a blind eye to the existential threat posed by Muslims to our freedoms and way of life. They have refused to educate themselves about the true nature of Islam. They wilfully ignore to acknowledge that all acts committed by Muslim terrorists are mandated or sanctioned by Muhammad’s Quran in at least 100 verses inciting Muslims to Conquer, Subjugate, Plunder, Rape, Enslave, Humiliate or Exterminate none Muslims/Kuffar/Infidels (currently 80% of humanity).

Because of the total failures by our leaders to confront Islam, ordinary European and American citizens have become the front line  the instant they leave their homes because they do not know if they will be bombed, shot dead, butchered or rammed by Muslim terrorists. It is unconscionable and unacceptable that American & European citizens are Terrorized in their own countries and their leaders are unable to protect them because of their total failure to face facts and reality in the last thirty years at least.

Europe is in convulsion at this moment because at last the citizens are realizing that their way of life, their freedoms and their civilization is being destroyed in front of their eyes by Muslims living among them. The Trojan Horse of so called ‘Muslim refugees’. The ENEMY WITHIN. I would like to share with our readers how – based entirely upon Sharia – to summarise Muslims & Islam in a nutshell~

Every Muslim is the enemy of every none Muslim Infidel/ Kafir on planet Earth. 80% of humanity.

Every Muslim is a potential Mass Murderer the instant he/she decides that he/she is NOT Sharia compliant enough.

Every Muslim is therefore a Time Bomb primed to go off.

All other explanations are un necessary and redundant.

To confront the onslaught of Islam upon none Muslim humanity requires the following:

  1. Our elites (Politicians, Media, Academia and Clergy) have to utterly eradicate Political Correctness from all languages and call “a spade, a spade”
  2. Our Elites have to read and or study Muhammad’s Quran and address its messages head on.
  3. Never tolerate any vestiges of Sharia in any way shape or form.
  4. All Muslims who prefer Sharia over the law of the land should leave or are made to leave the country of their residence.
  5. Hijab, Niqab or any other Islamic dress should be forbidden from public view since these outer garments separate the Muslims from the native peoples.
  6. Any Imam or Muslim leader who incites Muslims against any other human group should be put on trial and if found guilty removed from office and made to leave the country.
  7. All mosques and Madrassahs (religious Islamic schools) must be monitored since they are used to indoctrinate present and future Jihadi Muslims.
  8. No more Muslims should be allowed in any none Muslim country until the present situation of Muslims is addressed and rectified.

The above are the minimal only guide lines to stem and then reverse the Muslim invasions of America and Europe. 2017 will most probably turn out to be the TRUMOXIT of Europe with the overthrow of their current leftist elites and the complete destruction of Political Correctness.