The ELITES Deceptions Continue as Americans DIE

Dozens hurt in NYC blast hours after pipe bomb goes off at NJ race and slaughter in Minnesota. But, according to Bill de Blasio, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other Elites, Americans are very SAFE! That is WHY our leaders are CANCELLING many of our traditional gatherings of Joy; because ALL is well!

According to most of the criminally negligent governors and leaders of the USA especially the MEDIA these are NOT acts of terror; just ‘lone wolf’ attacks. Anyone with two brain cells of logic should know that wolves almost invariably act in packs.

Only Donald Trump is willing and able to call ‘a Spade a Spade’ and the ELITES call him all the vile names possible that they can muster. Almost all the other leaders in the Media, Academia, Politics and Clergy have the BLOOD of innocent slaughtered Americans on their hands especially the Muslim Obama and Hillary Clinton for their total failure to associate TERROR with ISLAM no matter how factual this is.

Americans (White Blacks and others) are at last WAKING up to the nightmare of Islam and Muslim terror and are throwing away the shackles of Political Correctness by the millions thanks ONLY to Donald Trump – the BREXIT leader of the USA!

Nothing to do with Islam or the Muslim followers of Muhammad ‘the religion of PEACE’ we are repeatedly – and against all facts and reality – being deliberately deceived by our Elites (both in the USA & Europe).

Tragically, the simple ARITHMETIC of Islam based entirely upon the Islamic sources tell the OPPOSITE since the following are TRUE ~

Islam = Submission to Sharia
Sharia = Allah’s Quran + Muhammad’s Sunna
Sunna > (superior to and over rules) Quran

Therefore: Islam is a CULT (not a Religion)

Islam = Cult of Muhammad

Hence: Muhammad, Quran, Sunna, Sharia, every and ALL Muslims = Hatemongering, Warmongering, Misogynist, Disloyal, Racist, Hypocritical, Mendacious, Duplicitous, Intolerant, Irrational, Vile & Ungodly.

Q E D!

In a nutshell: Every single Muslim (male or Female) is a potential mass murderer the instant he/she believes he/she is NOT Sharia compliant enough without any so called ‘radicalization’ by anyone else. Any challengers?