They Don’t Think Like I Do 1

They Don’t Think Like I Do

There seems to be…  an awareness.
Awareness of not only my confusion when others act the way they do,
but an acceptance that I am even aware that their actions stand out.
Others have tried to place labels on this clarity.
Some say it is Emotional Intelligence and some say I lean toward over analyzation.
I say it’s a balance, a balance as old as existence.
A Yin to the World’s Yang. 
If actions were never questioned, people would never change their path and try a road less traveled.
If we weren’t able to see the layers of life, then life would be less full.
I’m at peace with being different.
It’s okay that they don’t think like I do.
by Joy M. Kleid

Photo location Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland
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©Copyright Joy M. Kleid “They Don’t Think Like I Do”