I am truly amazed at the vitriol spewed at President Trump and his family. The left has always told us that they are the people of inclusivity; non-judgmental and non-discriminating. We were told that WHEN Hillary wins, Donald should willingly accept it. What happened to those people? It’s like the alien invasion of the body-snatchers have arrived and taken over.

Stores are actually removing Trump goods from their lines. Take the Ivanka Trump clothing line for example. It was dropped in whole or part by Nordtroms, Kmart, Sears, and Neiman Marcus. It was said to be for lagging sales. However, that line sold $100 million dollars last year. Not lagging in my world! Let’s be honest with each other since they cannot be honest with us; their consumers. It’s politics, plain and simple.

It’s easy to go online and find the companies that are bringing the politics of hate into their businesses and dissing all of their own customers who support our President and the election results. Just google it. What is also even easier, is for me to see where I will choose to buy in the future.

I have to say, I am sorry Nordstoms went to the dark side and chose to make a political statement instead of just being a store whose clothes I love to buy. So long Nordstroms, there are plenty of other places I can spend my money.

The website, founded by Shannon Coulter, is dedicated to telling us to boycott those businesses she believes support Trump in any way. I want to thank her for adding the tab “boycott these companies” because that is where I will spend my shopping dollars. One can see the companies that have chosen to pull product or advertising dollars from anything remotely connect with the Trump name. This seems so un-American to me, and yet the dichotomy is, that as a free country, it is American. In other countries you disappear or are killed for not supporting your President. The site gives you the names and email addresses of management people in companies that carry or “support” Trump in their opinion. They even put the words in your mouth! (I guess we are too stupid to think of our own words) A quote from their site reads “Hi. I’m a customer of (store name). Unfortunately I can no longer do business with your company because it does business with the Trump family. If your company were to no longer do business with the Trump family I would enthusiastically return as a customer. Please communicate my feedback to management.”

The beauty of the site is I can also see those that are NOT boycotting Trump products, and they are my new go-to businesses.

As my passion is customer service, I choose not to buy from those companies boycotting Trump, as they have chosen to not support me and the choices I want to make of my own free will, in what I buy, and what TV shows I watch, and what services I use. It’s not so much a political statement I want to make, as a statement that these companies have decided for me, and I am 1/2 of the voting populace in this country. It’s not just the left that has the lock on the purse strings of America. Conservatives also wield huge financial impact on this economy, and I say we use that power to buy from businesses that support our President and the way forward for America.

I have also decided, that if you are a celebrity of any type that makes statements, especially during awards shows, or sporting events, denigrating the President, or his family, I will never again watch anything you perform in. No movie, no video, no concert or sporting event. I will not buy your cd’s, or clothing, or whatever else is financially related to you. On the other hand, I did purchase Joy Villa’s album, I make the Static, just because of the great courage she showed at the Grammy’s. It was the tweet from some unhappy lady named Priscilla, that convinced me when she said it was too bad Joy’s career ended before it got started. Oops, her career has taken a wonderful turn for the better!

Businesses in America need to do their business. Sell great clothing, make great movies, provide great services, play great sports, be the best at what they do. I don’t want to know their politics. I don’t want to hear their rhetoric. There should be no grab your wallet list, or sponsors refusing to sponsor anything Trump, or stores boycotting the Trump name or lines. The people this is hurting is all of us, as stockholders of these companies come in all political stripes. The free market says let us decide, and stop being our keeper and polluting us with your politics. Let’s speak back with our wallets and support the companies staying out of this fray.