Denial, Lies & Betrayal: Relationships Part 2

Denial may be worn like a cloak to hide a fear of intimacy or feelings of vulnerability. Repeated experiences of denial, lies, and betrayal continue in our emotional life when we are in denial about our lack of awareness of self-sabotaging behaviors. Our nature is to avoid emotional pain. We don’t want to be in emotional pain and discomfort. A good reason ‘why emotional pain’ is sometimes uncomfortable is because taking action to change may not always feel good.

[Part 1 of Denial, Lies & Betrayal: Relationships is here]

Eliminating that unhappiness means taking action to go through an uncomfortable break up, or go through the uncomfortable parts of reconciliation, career change, mental and physical life changes, etc. Any of these paths mean dealing with short term uncomfortable emotions that denial will push us to avoid. Know that just as suppressed feelings are not destroyed, unacknowledged feelings don’t just disappear. No matter our age or status, unacknowledged feelings fester inside of us, robbing us of our vitality, and motivating many of our actions in ways that deny our capacity to be rational.

Today, we can make the choice to choose again. The choice is simple, however, we know changing our self-sabotaging behaviors and negative thought processes is easier said than done. By the time we are old enough to read these words our personality has probably adopted some self-sabotaging habits and we need some real tools. Know that when we have tools, techniques, and methods for getting unstuck from unhappy situations and people that will give us another way to become a happy human-being.

When we are unhappy we need more than advice on happiness.

DrBev encourages all of us to consider counseling from  a professional. We need effective tools to deal with the unpleasant, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and factors of denial that trap us in our own lies, self-betrayal and they keep us stuck. We can choose love not fear in our lives and perceive infinite life possibilities for ourselves. Be present in the NOW.

Today, begin practicing being your real self. As for the lies, denial and betrayals you have experienced in your life, again, you are not alone. You have the power to choose for you what you want to attract to yourself and who you want to be. You get to ask yourself WHERE DO I BEGIN?

Welcome to DrBev’s World. It’s a world to provide more examples of potential coping skills that may serve to emotionally improve your life with more peace of mind, endless wonderful life possibilities, love, fun, happiness and joy. Please remember, that research shows that the pathway to real happiness has to include a means to deal with and eliminate unhappiness.

Take Action.

[Part 1 of Denial, Lies & Betrayal: Relationships is here]

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