The Deep State Intelligence Leakers are on Notice …

It was announced late Tuesday that Attorney General Jeff Sessions will soon make official his planned announcement surrounding the Department of Justice’s stepped-up efforts on several criminal leak investigations which have been in the works for some time. That announcement will most likely happen sometime in the next week or so.

The investigations will specifically look at media stories and reports that have publicized sensitive intelligence material, information and intelligence processes. The scope will be broad enough to look the material leaked, the sources of the leaks, and certainly the intentions behind the leaked information – most notably political efforts to embarrass the Trump administration and to support the ongoing and never ending Russia narrative orchestrated by the Democrat Party and the Clinton campaign, used by Democrats and the political-left and the mainstream media to continue to fuel and exacerbate that phony conspiracy scandal.

Of course, this new story comes in the wake of several days of intense pressure on Sessions, with President Trump publicly expressing his disappointment with the attorney general, through tweets, interviews, and yesterday’s news conference. President Trump said Tuesday that Sessions has not been tougher on leaks from the intelligence community, saying; “I want the attorney general to be much tougher.” Further, demanding that he wants the leaks from intelligence agencies to stop, because they are leaking like they never have leaked before. These are intelligence agencies we cannot have that happen.

Meanwhile, in lieu of the President’s demands on the leaks, it appears that Attorney General Sessions has no plans to step down at all. According to White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus the attorney general had no intention of resigning. Nor do I personally believe that if the President was ever going to flat out fire Sessions.  If there was ever any intent to do so, he would be gone by now and it he would have under the standard conventional routine, familiar in Washington, DC.  President Trump would not have chastised Attorney General Sessions publicly, and certainly would Session have been fired, either. He would have resigned under his own circumstances and convenience, i.e.; he would have claimed the need to spend more time with the family, etc. – the typical excuse. And remember while Donald Trump is a peculiar personality; he is very unconventional in his approach, a master of deception, and intrigue, and of media manipulation.

I wholeheartedly believe President Trump’s calling out of Sessions is actually part of a greater strategy to distract and confuse his political opponents to challenge their long stated positions on Session we have seen over the years, which as a result of the President’s recent commentary and Tweets, has now been accomplished … and done so well. This of course is the crux of the issue, and of the concerns that people are having, and why people are asking; what is going on, and why is this happening?

To take you back, it was roughly a year ago when Alabama Senator Jeff Beauregard Sessions joined Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and immediately was attacked by the mainstream media, being called a bigot, racist, and a possible slave owner tied to the KKK, and the epitome of evil to the political-left. The same rhetoric extended through the Presidential transition period.  Then, when Sessions was nominated to be the Attorney General they did the same all over again during the Senate Confirmation Hearings and that continued up until the President ridiculed his performance earlier this week.  Suddenly, they, the Democrats and the mainstream media have made a complete 180-degree turn, now honoring and defending Attorney General Sessions … but for how long, that’s the next question to ask?

Why, because perhaps another corner is about to be turned. So let’s look forward a bit and analyze where this might be going. Permit me to take the opportunity to put some thought behind this and offer several scenarios that I am currently looking at that might be in the works, or are in fact, underway by the President Trump and his administration.

To some degree, this relates to what I had anticipated would happen, and in fact, is already being executed behind the scenes, and is in the works — based on my analysis and assessment of the current situation. First and foremost, the White House’s priority internal mission is to stop the leaks from the Deep State. Granted leaks happen, but not to the degree and extent we have been witnessing over the last 8-9 months. The critical concern of course, as we have written and talked about for months, are the leaks of classified material, information, and the unauthorized disclosure of highly classified intelligence. The consequences for the later are costly and could mean life and death for U.S. intelligence agents, foreign collaborators and informants – its serious stuff. Critically important is to find the sources of both the political leaks and more so, extremely critical to find the culprits involved in the national security leaks … those are dangerous to national security and to people’s lives. The other leaks are internal political that affect and distract from the President’s agenda and work of the White House. In fact, they essentially fired another internal West Wing staffer this morning. We will see where that goes and what the situation surrounding it was.

So let’s take a look at how this might work, as it applies to Attorney General Sessions. Based on the all source information that I have been reviewing and analyzing, it appears President Trump had to find a way to bolster his Attorney Generals forthcoming investigative onslaught against a number of targets, the leaks internally, within the intelligence community and by the Democrats in Congress. While we still can’t discount that there is something specifically in works, it appears that there is perhaps some aspect of a PSYOP (psychological operation) or deception effort to throw off the Democrats and the mainstream media. If so, from the comments the President has made about the Attorney General Sessions over the last several days – the Democrats and the mainstream media are running with it already…supporting and defending Sessions as if he is their greatest champion. Obviously, words are weapons and I believe the President is going to strategically influence and PSYOP them for the support for Sessions revealing their true hypocrisy and political double standard against them.

Moving forward, President Trump has continuously said in February, in May, and again this week, that he wants Attorney General Sessions to increase the investigations on the Intelligence Community’s leaks, illegal classified intelligence disclosures, and the failure to safeguard classified information. While many saw this a explicit criticism of his Attorney General. I view as part of his strategy to what we in the military refer to as prepping the battlefield. The President verbal scolding and complaint of Sessions, in a reverse reaction caused the Democrats in Congress and the mainstream media to do a “180” on their opinion of the Attorney General, essentially coming to his rescue. Now, President Trump has that on record, what will they say when Sessions directs his forthcoming investigation on their anti-Trump administration leaks and political attacks on the President. How will they respond and react toward their new found friend Jeff Sessions. Further, there is the likelihood that perhaps there is now within the Department of Justice, overwhelming evidence for implicating Hillary Clinton and Obama and his administration.

There are a number of reason for President Trump’s less than admirable and critical commentary for Attorney General Session over the past week. For one, I view this as a form of a controlled distraction – meaning a deception campaign to give Sessions top-cover and time to drop the hammer. In order to do this effectively, this needs to be an extremely close-hold operation until it is effectively time to be launched. Secondly, there are those, including myself who have also said maybe he is forcing the situation to allow for Sessions to un-recuse himself and then with his full authority as Attorney General, is allowed to go after and fire Mueller? We certainly know that between the two (Obama and Clinton) there is more than enough evidence to hang the entire Obama/Clinton house of cards. I continue to firmly believe that if the President needed to get rid of Sessions, it would be handled differently and not in a publicly in the somewhat negative manner it was. So from this standpoint and how it has played out, there would have had to be something truly big to use Attorney General Sessions essentially as the bait the trap to force the Democrats and the mainstream media out in the open … essentially taking the bait, which they did – hook line and sinker.

In the meantime, there is the added possibility that this effort maybe part of a much grander scheme and overall strategy which might include naming former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani as a second Special Counsel specifically charged with investigating Hillary Clinton on her Emails, and perhaps Uranium One, and her and the Clinton Foundation’s other Russian ties and its network of international corruption. I have to make the point that Giuliani’s name mentioned in the news this past weekend was more than likely was also a controlled leak, provided by the White House to an obscure news outlet. That information was subsequently picked by CNN who ran with over the weekend. Perhaps that’s the plan that would have Sessions and the DoJ conducting the investigation on the Deep State and intelligence community’s intelligence leaks, illegal disclosures, and it failure to safeguard classified, which is a legitimate responsibility and a critical role for the DOJ.

While that is going on, if it comes to pass, a ‘Special Counsel Giuliani’ would be specifically charged with conducting the investigation of Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration, as well as their involvement with any Ukrainian collusion. Finally, if by chance for whatever reason Mueller’s special counsel program was not terminated it would put added pressure on him to real in and tone down his onslaught of President Trump’s campaign, transition and his current administration. It could also have the added impetus for Counsel Mueller to terminate his effort because the fake Russian scandal, is nothing more than a partisan inquisition and political assassination against a sitting President, period.

From both a political and a national security standpoint, the Trump administration also has intensified its focus on internal leaks within the West Wing and the White House Executive Office of the President with the appointment of Anthony Scaramucci as the White House’s new communications director. He has pledged to reduce the leaks coming out of the White House, threatening to fire members of the communications department, if the leaks do not decrease.

In the end, the Democrats hypocrisy is entertaining considering the level and degree of hate and discontent they spewed over Senator Jeff Sessions’ campaign support for Donald Trump, their false claim of collusion with the Russians during the transition period and the insanity driven commentary during his Attorney General Senate confirmation hearings. Suddenly they are running to his rescue now defending his honor as a result of the President’s ridicule and criticism over the past week. jimIf anything, a brilliant strategy once again by President Trump only to use against their forthcoming and likely contemptuous and dismissive language and behavior toward Attorney General Sessions once he formerly announces his imminent and impending investigations of the Deep State. We should all be amused to observe and watch the Democrat’s and the mainstream media’s reaction, once again, to Sessions’ announcement next week.

Jim Waurishuk is a retired USAF Colonel, serving nearly 30-years as a career senior intelligence and political-military affairs officer and special mission intelligence officer with expertise in strategic intelligence, international strategic studies and policy, and asymmetric warfare. He served combat and combat-support tours in Grenada, Panama, Iraq, and Afghanistan, as well as on numerous special operations and special mission intelligence contingencies in Central America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa. He served as a special mission intelligence officer assigned to multiple Joint Special Operations units, and with the CIA’s Asymmetric Warfare Task Force, as well as in international and foreign advisory positions. He served as Deputy Director for Intelligence for U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) during the peak years of the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Global War on Terrorism. He is a former White House National Security Council staffer and a former Distinguished Senior Fellow with the Atlantic Council, Washington, D.C. He served as a senior advisor to the Commander U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and is Vice President of the Special Ops-OPSEC -- which provides strategic and operational security analysis and assessments to governmental and private entities, as well as media organizations on national security issues, policy, and processes. He currently provides advisory and consulting services on national security, international strategic policy, and strategy assessments for the U.S. and foreign private sector and governments entities, media groups and outlets, and to political groups, forums, and political candidates. He is an author and writer providing regular commentary and opinion to national and local TV, radio networks, and for both print and online publications, as well as speaking engagements to business, political, civic and private groups on national security matters – focusing on international strategic policy and engagement, and strategic intelligence, and subject matter expertise on special mission intelligence and operations, counter-terrorism, and asymmetric warfare and conflict.